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Which performance ratio players are worth buying in NBA 2K23

Many players now know the unique scoring method in the NBA 2K23 game. Many of these players need to buy through NBA2K23 MT, so you can directly get these players worth buying through NBABUYMT. In the MyTEAM mode, it is shown that the player with the highest ability value in your lineup does not exceed 100. In this way, most of the opponents you match have the same ability value as You are similar, or have a difference of about 5 points, so you can avoid players with high ability values ​​, such as showrooms, to the greatest extent, in this issue, which performance ratio players will be worth buying in the future.


Which performance ratio players are worth buying in NBA 2K23




Top 1. Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter JR. Attributes Information Chart

Reason for recommendation: It is still my most recommended No. 2 position in millions of gears. Good model, has excellent defense ability, projection above the pass line level, up to 113 in-situ short-range shooting, and internal and external defense is not bad. The only drawback Is that the speed is a bit slow, and it's only 80 when fully loaded. In addition, leaving the Warriors and the small weakening of the previous version have reduced its price from more than 2 million W to 1 million. The price/performance ratio is ridiculously high, and the three modes are universal.

Performance Ratio: ♦♦♦♦♦


Top 2. Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay Attributes Information Chart

Reason for recommendation: Once a god, now with the weakening of projection attributes and hot spots, he is no longer so useful, but his excellent model, rebounding ability, and action package makes him still capable of fighting. Note that in the latest generation, Guy only has The position of PF and has a certain influence on the manager of the Dynasty. In the end, compared with Porter, the cap's shooting ability and defensive attributes are slightly worse, but the offense and athletic ability with the ball are better. I will still choose the two. Porter.

Performance ratio: ♦♦♦♦


Top 3. Bojan Bogdanovic 

Bojan Bogdanovic Attributes Information Chart

Reason for recommendation: An underestimated card. Now it is considered a good striker among ordinary people. In reality, it also plays well. Boyang is different from Porter. Bojan replaced Porter with a little more accurate projection of Porter's rebounding, other aspects of the two are okay. The speed is too slow, but in the current street environment, every rebound is an extra offensive opportunity, so Porter is still better for me.

Performance ratio: ♦♦♦♦♦


Top 4. Gordon Hayward

Gordan Hayward Attributes Information Chart

Reason for recommendation: Compared with Porter, Hayward is a Porter with better shooting, faster speed, and one notch behind rebounding, especially in speed and agility. The experience is quite obvious. I recommend these players below tens of millions. Here are the former players. I can only say that they can do other things. The cards mentioned above can also do it. The difference is not big. Everyone Starts according to their own needs.

Performance ratio:♦♦♦♦


Top 5. Mikal Bridges

Mikal Bridges Attributes Information Chart

Reason for recommendation: A very good opportunity to buy the bottom! At present, the internal chaos of the sun, the exposure has dropped, and the value of the bridge has fallen below 10 million. Still, its current practicality is completely worth this price. If the data update in December can rise, he will still Be the most capable and versatile 3D player in this price range.

Performance ratio:♦♦♦♦


Top 6. Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac Attributes Information Chart

Reasons for recommendation: The old brand has a low score, a very good model and defensive attributes in the front line, both internal and external defense, outstanding shot-blocking, excellent single defense ability, obvious disadvantages are not good at chasing shooters, slow speed and large models are easy to hang In addition, it is extremely easy to be tested in the middle and high-end games. Only the left corner has a good three-point shooting rate. The current price has also dropped. It is said that this season will come back. Brothers who are hesitant can look at the state after the comeback. Make a decision.

Performance ratio:♦♦♦♦♦


Top 7. Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala Attributes Information Chart

Reasons for recommendation:

  • Sub-top external defense ability
  • Badass badge + ball-holding defensive elite
  • 92 lateral movements
  • 92 external defense with 88 speed in terms of attributes

The key is that there are 97 internal defense and bounce masters, which makes the first brother The influence of inside and outside defense is not small. In addition, in terms of shooting, the bottom line + catch makes his three-point shooting rate on the bottom line still very impressive. There is a key shooter badge, a good action package, and dunk ability. He can bully some smaller guys as a secondary hitter in the low-game. In the end, the shortcomings are also obvious. The height of 198 is a bit short and cannot provide rebound protection for the team. The speed of 88 is a bit difficult to catch up with some top shooters. It is rare to encounter high-intensity matches.

Performance ratio: ♦♦♦♦


Top 8. Paul George

Paul George Attributes Information Chart

Reason for recommendation: Compared with the first brother above, Paul George has a better model, shooting, rebounding, and independent offensive ability and is slightly inferior to the first brother in terms of defensive attributes. It can be regarded as a comprehensively strengthened first brother, especially rebounding, And the ability to attack independently is very important. These two points can provide the team with a large fault tolerance rate. The corner three-pointer can trigger the hand-raising animation under the bonus of the hot zone hunter. What is hand-raising animation specifically? If the goal is only super giant brothers, this Paul George will be very suitable for you and will be very comfortable to play.

Performance ratio: ♦♦♦♦


Top 9. Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko Attribute Information Chart

Reason for recommendation: The upgraded version of Isaac, in terms of key attributes except for dunks and blocks, 6AK can be said to crush Isaac, not to mention there is a copper entanglement. The most important advantage lies in the over 100 double boards, 95 ball control over the stop line, and the double speed is about 10 points higher. This 6AK will be useful in the three-high street system with unlimited defense changes. Of course, the traditional squatting bottom corner he Not bad. The effect of locking single hitters can be said to be top-notch at this price, but it is slightly worse for chasing ball holders. The reason is the same as Isaac's. 6AK can be said to be the most powerful card in the civilian file besides Butler. Of course, the low score prevents him from experiencing the strength of the third showroom in advance before he reaches the super giant rank. It is still better than Butler. Comfortable.

Performance ratio: ♦♦♦♦

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