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Which budget players are worth investing in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM (Season 4)?

In NBA 2K23, Investing in budget players can be a great way to build a quality team without breaking the bank. There are some of the best budget players to choose from in Season 4, so you can spend the appropriate 2K23 MT Points investing in them without blowing your budget. You can get great value by selecting the right budget players and still have a team that will perform well.



Which budget players are worth investing in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM (Season 4)?


How to Find the Best Budget Players in NBA 2K23 MyTeam?

Budget players are an important part of MyTeam for players who want to spend less money. There are various budget players available for under 20,000 MT and new players that can be earned through gameplay. Additionally, players can check their Agendas or Token Rewards for potential players. This guide will provide a look at the best budget players available in MyTeam.


Best Budget PG Player

Are you looking for the best point guard for your Triple Threat Co-op team? Look no further than Transcendent Penny Hardaway! He is one of the quickest grinds this Season and one of the best PGs in the game, regardless of budget. If you need more time to grind for Penny, Nightmare Terry Rozier has one of the purest shots in the game but is undersized for online play. Fireworks Kevin Porter Jr. (earned from the Season 4 battle pass) is 6'6″ and may be a good fit, but he won't be able to match up with Penny or Main Even Magic Johnson online. If you have a lot of MT to burn, your other option is Russell Westbrook from the Trophy Case.


Best Budget SG Player

Shooting Guard offers a variety of options for all kinds of needs. Diamond Nightmare Ron Artest and Lance Stephenson from the same set are great choices if you're looking for defence. Glitched Drazen Petrovic, Terrance Ross, Morris Peterson from the Fireworks set, and Flash Forward Richie Guerin are great options for scoring. Flash Forward Richie Guerin may be slightly outside your budget, but his easy-to-green shot makes him worth considering.


Best Budget SF Player

The small forward position is one of the strongest in the game, offering a wide range of players to choose from. We recommend Zen Thurl Bailey, who can be acquired for free with the Season 4 battle pass, and Tis the Season Jonathan Issac and Fire Rudy Gay, both of whom possess great size and defensive skills. Flash Forward Bailey Howell is a great option for those with a larger budget, with his shooting ability and is just over the 20K mark.


Best Budget PF Player

For Power Forward, the current favourite is Flight School Serge Ibaka. He offers excellent defense, strong rim-attacking, and some shooting utility at a reasonable price. Fire Giannis Antetokounmpo is also a great 2K player, while Fire Obi Toppin is an excellent rim-runner. 'Tis the Season Evan Mobley is a great choice due to his size, and Ice Aleksej Pokusevski is a great budget option. If you're looking for a pure shooter, consider evolving Silencers Robert Horry into a Diamond.


Best Budget C Player

This Season offers a variety of options when it comes to Centers and Power Forwards. Evan Mobley is a great option to play Center, but switching him to Power Forward is recommended. Intensity Tyson Chandler is a great budget option to play Center, while Tacko Fall is great for those who want to make a statement with a giant player model. Diamond Zen Shaquille O'Neal is a good option if you're looking for a bigger name, though it is a drop-off from his Pink Diamond tier.



Building a team on a budget in NBA 2K23 MyTeam is a great way to build a competitive team without breaking the bank. Below are players with a budget of less than 20,000 MT and new players that can be acquired through the game. You can choose the players that best fit your budget to create a team that performs well and provides great value.

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