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Top 5 cards worth buying if you have 25,000 MT NBA 2K23

The second season of NBA 2K23 is ending, and the third season is coming soon! So are you still worrying about expensive player cards now? If you're on a budget in NBA 2K23 and don't have enough MT Coins to back your team lineup, the following five cards might be one of your best options. Not only do these five cards sell for less than 25K, but they're also strong contenders for building your fantasy team's strong roster.





De'Aaron Fox


Diamond De'Aaron Fox


Quick Analysis: De'Aaron Fox is a point guard shooting guard, 6 foot 3, so not a bad height for that point guard spot stats. He is born in 94, the mid-range. Wise, he's going to be very elite, having 8063. Having 87 driver dogs is pretty decent as well, but defensively, he will be solid. So he's compatible with a guy like Russell Westbrook, not going to be as good at going to the basket as a guy like rust, but he's got the same speed pretty much as Russell Westbrook having a 97-speed 97 acceleration? With a 97 speedball and a specific football as well, looking at his badges. He's got four and Hall of Fame, including fast, which is a giant Slayer claim breaker, and the quick first step for really good Hall of Fame badges, and then he does have 27 on gold, so deer and Fox.


Pros: Good physical fitness and excellent bounce. He is a top point guard with comprehensive skills and plays with his brain. He can change his speed very well to attack. He moves with the ball like lightning in transition or in the half-court—solid ball-handling skills with enough ability to get past defenders. Good shooting ability, stable mid-range shots, and can pull-up shots. He has a certain three-point shooting ability and has a chance to be a good shooter—a wide field of vision and outstanding passing ability. Fox can collapse the opponent on the defensive end when facing a good ball handler one-on-one and can predict the passing route. Possesses the hardware to be a good defender: good size, wingspan, quickness, and defensive instincts.


Cons: In the high-intensity game of the NBA, his performance could be clearer. The outside shooting rate is not stable enough, the body is relatively thin, and the weight is relatively light. Both the upper body and the lower body still need the ideal strength. Although there are many advantages, they need to be more outstanding, and there is much room for improvement. These shortcomings of Fox are not a big problem. Through continuous competition, his problems can be easily solved.



Jarrett Allen 


Amethyst Jarrett Allen


Quick Analysis: Jarrett Allen is a fantastic budget center. He's a center, 6 foot 10, which is a pretty good height for that center spot. He's going to be glitched 3 point shooting. Wise, who's got a 9013 ball and 85. Mid-range as well. He's good at finishing around the basket and having a 90-driving dunk. And in a 90-standing dunk, which is going to be lovely. And that defensively, that's where he's going to be the best, having a 90 block 92. Interior defense within 80 steel and a 79 perimeter as well. So Jarrett Allen overall as a center. It will be a fantastic center that we all know about by now, but I want to let you guys know for under 25K. 


Pros: What he is good at is defense. With his height and long arms, he often blocks dunks and layups of superstars on the court, so he is called a block superstar. His scoring comes from pick-and-roll scoring and secondary rebounding. He has excellent mobility and gives Jarrett Allen an excellent defensive ability. His rebounding rate and offensive rebounds are among the top in the league.


Cons: His low-post offensive ability, shooting ability, single-defense ability, and ball-handling ability are relatively weak. Fortunately, under the leadership of Love, he has developed a certain ball-holding ability and independent scoring ability on the offensive end this year, and Jarrett Allen is only 23 years old this year. 



Michael Porter


Diamond Michael Porter


Quick Analysis: Michael Porter JR. is still an excellent small forward. And we could play power forward as well. So he's super versatile being 6 foot 10 means he can play the powerful position and be a decent height there as well, and then it could be a super tall, small forward being 6 foot 10. So Michael Porter Junior's stats are going to be good offensively as well, 92 mid-range. 8093 ball, which is going to be good defensively. I mean, he's not going to be the best but on the perimeter. He's not a bad defender, 87 steel with an 88 perimeter defense. He's got 82 Interior in his 67 blocks as well. Speed is not going to be the craziest fastest. He's got 86 speed and 86 acceleration within 83 speedballs overall. I think PJ's got a great jump shot. He's good offensively and defensively, and he's going to be pretty solid, so for under 25K. 


Pros: 1. The sense of the ball. The ball must be good among young players of the same height, and the dribbling rhythm is also good. This is why the Rockets want to train him to play point guard. You should not forget his performance like a venomous tongue last year;

2. Core strength, why can Porter finish his shots crookedly without being blocked, while Green is not good? Porter is talented in core strength and confrontation, with a big frame and easy to hang. Continuous improvement will inevitably have a physical advantage in the back line;

3. The potential of a giant star. I think Porter has improved his shooting in the summer, and his shooting with and off the ball has improved. He can hit some giant stars by combining his height and strength.


Cons: 1. Consciousness, both offensive and defensive, needs improvement. The offensive end is hesitant to pass the ball, the defensive end is half a beat slow, can't find people, or can't keep up with people, and gambles and defends a lot. This is also the instinctive reaction of golfers, and the reflection arc is longer. Or poor judgment, some players may develop it, some never; 

2. Emotions, the ball with the wind is more courageous, and the ball with the wind is sad. Of course, at the age of 21, in the third year, the former prodigal son is now looking back;

3. Field of vision, brothers who often play basketball should have experience. When you break through to the basket, get flanked, and give points to teammates under the basket, it is cool to get an assist, but this is not called organization. Most of Porter's assists are of this type. Of course, it is not easy to get this kind of assist, but it depends on the performance of the offensive end of this game. Only when he can break through can he get an assist. The ball is also normal. Porter seldom finds his teammates in the bottom corner and the 45-degree opportunities from the side and back. We often do this when we play wild ball. Without this awareness or ability to observe, this is nothing as a winger. As a point guard and a big Nuclear embryo is not enough.



Dejounte Murray


Diamond Dejounte Murray


Quick Analysis: Dejounte Murray will be a Top 5 card for under 25K MT empty. Suppose we look at him at the auction house here. I mean, he will be around that 25K MT Coins. He's a fantastic point guard, 6 foot 4. That is a pretty good height for that point guard position. He's got a 92 midrange and an 8053 ball as well, with a 90-driving dunk that will be fantastic going to the basket. He's got a 92-ball handle, 95-pass accuracy, and defense. I mean, at least on the perimeter. He will be really good, having 82 steel and 89 perimeters defense. I will say 32 blocks and at 53. The Interior defense is going to be a little bit low.


Pros: The Spurs point guard development program is a good fit. Physical and physical condition, ball handling ability, scoring versatility, defensive and organizational potential 6 feet 5 inches tall with a wingspan close to 6 feet 10 inches, this is definitely a rare innate advantage for a point guard, plus Although Murray did not have a clear physical test number, his fast break speed in the game can already be seen. In terms of jumping ability, he often receives empty dunks from his teammates.The low ball holding point is not easy to be broken, and the fast speed is suitable for rapid advancement. Murray's main style of play, fast break, and pick-and-roll with the ball is closely related to talent. He is fast, has a long wingspan, and has a large coverage area. It is normal for him to win the steals king.


Cons: More vertical jump height, more core strength. There needs to be more jumping and core strength to become a single player. Insufficient core strength is no way to fallback jumper. Comparing the actions of DeRozan, Booker, Paul, and Murray, it can be seen that there is no way to develop singles. Tall guards can't squeeze through screens, as well as smaller guards, and switching lines is a must. Even small guards, such as Paul and Lowry, have a strong ability to switch defensive fronts. Paul often defends the 4. Murray couldn't even defend heavier guards and was often crushed for layups. The weight is too light, and the confrontation is too poor. That's why Murray needs the size confrontation ability of the striker and another defender to help defend



Stephon Marbury


Diamond Stephon Marbury


Quick Analysis: This dude is an absolute beast. He's a point guard shooting. Guard 6 foot 3. He's got 8043. Ball 80 a midrange. He's only going 85 driving dunks, which could be slightly higher. But you're still going to get the ball pretty consistently. He's going to 92 ball handle, but he's got some of the best triple sinks in the game. At least using him, he is a really good crossover that like stuns. The defender creates a lot of space from it. So 92 ball handle is going to be good, but where he's the best is going to be on the defensive end 94 steel 95 perimeter defense.

He's going to be an absolute lock at that point guard position and also has 81-tier defense as well. Super fast, just like the rest of the point guards, 95 speed, 95 acceleration with a 95 speed with the ball, so I mean, of the above five players, Stephon Marbury is probably going to be the best. It's probably between him and Fox or maybe Jerrod Allen.


Pros: He is an excellent ball handler who can disrupt the opponent's defense through the offense's rhythm and pass the defender to complete the score. He is a good shooter with a good mid-range shooting ability. On the defensive end, Marbury is also very good, with outstanding stealing ability. Attack and defense in one! Having a certain key is the ability to hit the buzzer at the end! Have some leadership skills! Nice team builder!


Cons: Marbury's shooting stability is insufficient, and he needs to improve his shooting percentage. He needs to get stronger to adapt to the NBA game! To strengthen the three-point shooting! He doesn't have a good assist-to-turnover ratio. He sent 161 assists and turned over 115 times in his freshman season (he improved at the end of the season).

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