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Top 10 cards you must own in NBA 2K23 Myteam

NBA 2K23 MyTEAM mode is better than ever and more intense than ever. For those unfamiliar with Myteam, it's a mode for building your team of NBA players, both past and present. You can then take this team online and compete against others in various game modes. One of the most important aspects of this mode is card collecting. To have a successful team, you need a good mix of players in every position. There are so many player cards to choose from in the game that trying to figure out which ones you need can be overwhelming. We've listed the top 10 cards you must own in NBA 2K23 Myteam.


Diamond Alex Caruson

Diamond Ron Artest
Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett
Amethyst Anfernee Simons
Amethyst LaMarcus Aldridge
Amethyst Terry Rozier III
Pink Diamond James Worthy
Pink Diamond Russell Westbrook
Pink Diamond Derrick Rose
Amethyst Jimmy Butler


There are several different ways to obtain cards in NBA 2K23. The first is through gift packs, which can be purchased with the NBA2K MT. The second is completing a deck, which usually requires trading with other players or buying specific individual cards at the auction house. The third way to get cards is by participating in events. Events can be anything from special challenges to limited-time modes with certain card types available as rewards. Daily and weekly login bonuses also allow players to earn a login-only bonus card. Finally, promo codes can be used to unlock special cards or packs. Often provided by 2K or affiliated sites, these codes can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise.




Card 1: Alex Caruson 

Alex Caruson of the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the top game cards you must have. He is an all-around player that can shoot, pass, and rebound well. He has a high shooting percentage from inside and outside the arc, and his passing ability allows him to be a playmaker for his teammates. Caruson is also an excellent rebounder, which makes him a valuable asset on both ends of the court.

Diamond Alex Caruson is a must-have. This card gives you access to some of the best players in the game, including LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant. With this card, you'll be able to create a super team that can take on any challenge. Diamond Alex Caruson also gives you a significant boost in MyTeam points. These points can be used to upgrade your players or buy new cards. You'll be able to earn more points by winning games and completing challenges.


Card 2: Ron Artest

Ron Artest was an All-Star in 2003 and helped the Lakers won the NBA Championship in 2010. His card can be found in the Heat Check packs and will set you back around 40,000 MT.

To get the Diamond Ron Artest in NBA 2K23 MyTeam, players must first complete the Collection. You need to collect Ron Artest's MyTEAM card,5 Amethyst player cards,6 Sapphire player cards,7 Ruby player cards,8 Emerald player cards, and 9 Opal player cards to get Diamond Ron Artest. Once the Collection is completed, players will be rewarded with the Ron Artest Diamond Card. This card cannot be traded or sold and is only available through this method.


Card 3: Kevin Garnett 

One of the top cards you must have is Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett was a dominant force in the paint and a vital member of the Boston Celtics' NBA Championship team in 2008. Standing at 6'11", Kevin Garnett is a physical specimen who can do it all on the court. With a 97 Overall rating, Kevin Garnett is one of the best players in NBA K Myteam and will be a vital part of any team.

Pink diamond Kevin Garnett is the rarest and most valuable type of card. They are only available through special events or by purchasing them with real money. Pink diamond Kevin Garnett is one of the best cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. It has a 99 Overall rating, which is the highest rating possible. It also has great shooting, passing, rebounding, and defense ratings.


Card 4: Anfernee Simons

Anfernee Simons is one of the best cards you can have on your team. He's a 6'3″ shooting guard with a 97 overall rating. His shooting is incredible, with 99 three-point and 98 mid-range ratings. He can also take it to the basket and finish, as he has an 89-driving layup rating. On defense, he's not too shabby either, as he has an 86-steal rating. Simons is an incredible all-around player and will be a star in NBA 2K23. You will be at a serious disadvantage if you don't have him on your team. Please ensure you get your hands on him early and build your team around him. He'll help you win many games and have a lot of fun doing it.

Amethyst Anfernee Simons is one of the best cards players can get. His amethyst card boasts a 97 three-point shooting rating, 98 speed, and 97 driving layup rating. If you're looking for a player who can shoot from anywhere on the court and take it to the basket easily, then Anfernee Simons is your guy.


Card 5: LaMarcus Aldridge

As the new season of NBA 22K23 approaches, fans are already wondering which cards will be the most sought-after in Myteam mode. One player who is sure to be in high demand is LaMarcus Aldridge. The Portland Trail Blazers star was one of the best players last year and is only getting better with age. Aldridge is an elite-level scorer and rebounder, and he can take over a game on both ends of the court. 

One of the best cards players can get the Amethyst LaMarcus Aldridge. This card gives players a significant boost in rebounds, shooting, and overall scoring. With this card, players can better dominate the paint and take control of the game. Amethyst LaMarcus Aldridge is a must-have for any player looking to take their game to the next level.


Card 6: Terry Rozier III 

Terry Rozier III is one of the best players in NBA 2K23 MyTeam and has an Amethyst Card. This card is incredible and gives him a massive boost in speed, shooting, and dribbling. He can shoot from anywhere on the court, and his layups are almost impossible to stop. His speed is unmatched, and he can easily get past defenders. His dribbling is also superb, and he can make quick moves to get past defenders. Overall, this card is a must-have for any player looking to build a dominant team in the NBA 2K23 MyTeam.


Card 7: James Worthy

As the release of NBA 2K23 gets closer and closer, fans are getting more and more excited about the return of Myteam. With so many great cards, deciding which ones to put in your lineup can be tough. However, a few cards stand out above the rest, and today we're going to look at the top cards you must have in NBA 2K23 Myteam.

Leading the way is James Worthy, who was just recently revealed as the cover athlete for NBA 2K23. Worthy is among the best players in the game, and his card is sure to be highly sought-after by collectors and competitive players. He's got great ratings, and his dunking ability is off the charts. To build a championship-caliber team in NBA 2K23 Myteam, you need to have James Worthy on your squad.


Card 8: Russell Westbrook

With the recent release of NBA 2K23, fans of the popular basketball video game franchise eagerly anticipate building the ultimate team in Myteam mode. However, a few must-have cards will give you a significant boost in terms of overall performance.

One such card is Russell Westbrook. The 2017 NBA MVP is an absolute monster on the court, and his card in NBA 2K23 reflects that. His base stats are already quite impressive, but where he shines is in his attributes. He has 97 speed and acceleration, 95 vertical leaps, and 94 strength. In other words, he's an athletic freak who can take over a game at any moment.


Card 9: Derrick Rose

Diamond  Derrick Rose has a 97 Overall Rating. He has 95 Speed and Quickness, 92 Driving and Finishing, 89 Passing and Ball Handling, and 85 Three-Point Shooting. Additionally, he comes with the following abilities: Ankle Breaker, Hot Zone Hunter, Rim Protector, Tireless Scorer, and Fancy Footwork.

With the Derrick Rose Pink Diamond Card on your team, you'll be able to dominate the competition. If you're looking for a great player to add to your NBA 2K23 MyTeam, pick the Pink Diamond Derrick Rose.


Card 10: Jimmy Butler 

This card will be available in packs starting on October 1st and will be a great addition to any MyTEAM lineup. Amethyst Jimmy Butler will have an overall rating of 93, making him one of the best shooting guards in the game. He'll have 99 outside scoring, 98 driving layups, 97 dunkings, and 95 post-scoring. Additionally, he'll have 89 speed and 90 acceleration.

Amethyst Jimmy Butler is a must-have for players looking to build a competitive NBA 2K21 MyTEAM lineup. This card is perfect for players who want to build a shooting-heavy team. With his high outside scoring rating, Butler can stretch the floor and open up driving lanes for his teammates. His dunking and post-scoring ratings make him a threat inside as well, making him a versatile scorer who can hurt opponents in various ways. Keep an eye out for him in packs starting on October 1st!





Alex Caruson Diamond

Ron Artest Diamond

Kevin Garnett Pink Diamond 

Anfernee Simons Amethyst

LaMarcus Aldridge Amethyst

Terry Rozier III Amethyst

James Worthy Pink Diamond 

Russell Westbrook Pink Diamond 

Derrick Rose Pink Diamond 

Jimmy Butler Amethyst

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