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NBA 2K23: The Best Shooting Badges Guide

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  • 09/12/22
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In NBA 2K23, shooting is where the score is in basketball, shooting dominates the game, and shooting performance is very dependent on shooting badges. To score higher, you need the corresponding best shooting badge to improve your shooting ability! The best combination of shooting badges is an important factor in securing game scores, only increasing your playing time in NBA 2K23 and giving you the most endorsement opportunities.


So what are the best shooting badges in NBA 2K23? First, let's see what the best shooting badges are.


NBA 2K23: The Best Shooting Badges Guide


NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges List
Badges Icon Requirements Features
Agent 3 NBA 2K23: Agent 3 Badge Three-Point Shot – 68 (Bronze), 83 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 96 (Hall of Fame) The Agent 3 badge improves your chances of pulling up or spinning shots from beyond the arc. It used to be a Range Extender badge if you wanted to pull up from outside the arc. Now, there's the Agent 3 badge, which turns you into a pull-up demon with the right animation. If your playstyle is based on shooting and 3-point shooting, this badge is a must for you to get the most out of it.
Blinders NBA 2K23: Blinders Badge Mid-Range Shot – 65 (Bronze), 77 (Silver), 84 (Gold), 94 (Hall of Fame) or Three-Point Shot – 70 (Bronze), 80 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 97 (Hall of Fame) The Blinders badge is one way to pass these defenses. Blinders reduce the penalties for perimeter defenders. You can relive those days when Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady shot two or three defenders in the side and face. 
Claymore NBA 2K23: Clymore Badge Three-Point Shot – 55 (Bronze), 69 (Silver), 76 (Gold), 86 (Hall of Fame) The Claymore badge now trumps the Corner Specialist badge in NBA 2K23. You can use the Claymore badge to ensure you're buried deep when you find it in a corner and from anywhere other than the arc. When "patiently found," Claymore increases your chances of scoring from 3s. Point-and-shoot is something most 2K players prefer overdrives.
Deadeye NBA 2K23: Deadeye Badge Three-Point Shot – 71 (Bronze), 82 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 99 (Hall of Fame)  All well-known shooters in the NBA have the Deadeye badge in the 2K games. The Deadeye badge remains the most important shooting badge in NBA 2K23. If the Blinders badge obscures defenders from the side, Deadeye does the same in front. You can shoot past any defender without worrying about controversial shooting penalties.
Green Machine NBA 2K23: Green Machine Badge Mid-Range Shot – 60 (Bronze), 71 (Silver), 80 (Gold), 90 (Hall of Fame) or Three-Point Shot – 60 (Bronze), 73 (Silver), 82 (Gold), 91 (Hall of Fame) The green machine badge is all you need to keep your shooting percentage high. Since the first thing you should do is find or create a jumper that can hit the green nine or ten times out of ten, this badge will make you pretty much unstoppable if paired with a few others on this list. You may never miss it.
Guard Up NBA 2K23: Guard up Badge Mid-Range Shot – 55 (Bronze), 69 (Silver), 77 (Gold), 86 (Hall of Fame) or Three-Point Shot – 60 (Bronze), 73 (Silver), 83 (Gold), 90 (Hall of Fame) Guard Up badges work similarly to Blinders and Deadeye badges, but this will happen whenever the defense is lazy. You will need all the badges related to getting out of defense. Guard Up can improve your chances of making spot-up jumpers when there is no shooting game. It's the perfect combination with the Ankle Breaker badge to eliminate defenders and take open shots.
Space Creator NBA 2K23: Space Creator Badge Mid-Range Shot – 52 (Bronze), 64 (Silver), 73 (Gold), 80 (Hall of Fame) or Three-Point Shot – 53 (Bronze), 65 (Silver), 74 (Gold), 83 (Hall of Fame) The Space Creator badge ensures you get this advantage right from the start. This badge improves your chances of shooting after creating space and makes it easier to pass opponents when hitting the ball. Think of it as a shooting version of the organization badge Ankle Breaker. This should be used with the Blinders, Deadeye, and Guard Up badges for maximum effect.
Catch & Shoot NBA 2K23: Catch & Shoot Badge Three-Point Shot 60 (Bronze), 72 (Silver), 81 (Gold), 93 (Hall of Fame) The Catch & Shoot badge is your must-have for all your shooting badges. Catch & Shoot improves the ability to knock down 3-pointers in short order after receiving a pass. That means you must dribble and shoot immediately after catching the ball. However, if your playstyle takes you off the screen to create space, this can be an important sign to ensure you hit the ball. This badge is also aided by the Blinders, Deadeye, and Guard Up badges.





Tier 1: Best Shooting Badges



NBA 2K23 Tier 1 Best Shooting Badges
Guard Up This will ease the game where those defenders are just standing next to you. This badge is important to many players, even spot-up players.
Corner Specialist Sitting in the corner is no fun, but this badge ensures you make more corner threes when you have the ball. It's going to be cheap, so there's no reason for most players to skip this badge.
Claymore Another badge for spot-up shots that can improve your shooting percentage. Not required for off-ball shooters, but off-ball shooters need this badge.
Clutch Shooter For most players, this is an unnecessary badge, but given its low number of badge points, this badge might be worth using at lower levels for a small boost in big moments.
Comeback Kid Another least important badge, but its low cost probably means you'll drop 1-2 on it because you find yourself at odds of losing the game.
Volume Shooter Unless you're throwing a lot of pitches every game, this badge isn't helped much. It's a great badge for a honing badge or MyCareer, but otherwise not great.
Middy Machine This badge is worthless unless you do a lot of mid-range shots. In any case, the mids aren't great in games.
Slippery Off-Ball This badge has been useless for years unless you have mastered the control of shooting off the ball. Not recommended.




Tier 2: Best Shooting Badges



NBA 2K23 Tier 2 Best Shooting Badges
Catch and Shoot Since most players are catching and shooting most of the time, catching and shooting is the best level 2 badge. This is a must for most players.
Amped This badge will help you shoot when you are tired. While most players won't dribble a lot before shooting, iso ball handlers will need this badge at a higher level.
Green Machine Stepbacks and jumpers may look cool, but few players use them. If you are one of the players mastering these moves, be sure to equip this badge.
Space Creator Stepbacks and jumpers may look cool, but few players use them. If you are one of the players mastering these moves, be sure to equip this badge.




Tier 3: Best Shooting Badges



NBA 2K23 Tier 3 Best Shooting Badges
Limitless Range Likewise, shooting from deep will be one of the most important parts of NBA 2K23. This is the main badge you need to do.
Deadeye This badge will minimize the shots that one-on-one defenders can get against you. Most ball-handling shooters will want this badge.
Blinders Another less race badge, this time from the side. Not always necessary, but it might be fine at lower levels if you have extra points.
Agent 3 Taking difficult shots can be cool and flashy, but most players don't need or can't take crazy shots. This badge is useless unless you've mastered the timing of the harder jumper animations.


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