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NBA 2K23 Season 5: Best Free Cards Tier List

NBA 2K23 has introduced a new tier list with 30 of the best free cards. It goes from S tier to D tier, and many cards have been released recently with Season 5. I will rank these cards in this article and give my opinion on each. 



NBA 2K23 Season 5: Best Free Cards Tier List


Comparing Alex English and Benedict Matheran

Alex English is a great B-tier free card starting with the S-tier cards. He has the same jump shot as Galaxy-level Carmelo Anthony and is a bit shorter in height and wingspan. Benedict Matheran is also a great B-tier card with a better jump shot than Alex English. 


Comparing Chris Cayman and Anthony Davis

Chris Cayman is the best C-tier card. He doesn't do anything too crazy, but he has a decent jump shot and good all-around stats and badges. Anthony Davis is probably either B or C tier, but he would need a new jump shot and better all-around stats to reach higher tiers. 


Tyler Herro and Tariq Evans

Tyler Herro is now available as a Level 40 in Season 5 and is probably an A-tier card. He is a great point guard and can go up against the best point guards in the game, like Magic Johnson, Ben Simmons, and James Harden. Tariq Evans is a solid point guard and is probably in the B tier. 


Best Free Cards in Season 5

Kevin Garnett is easily an S-tier card and is one of the best free cards in the game. He has perfect stats and badges and a great jump shot. Gary Trent Jr. and Spencer Dinwiddie are probably in the D tier, as they could be better than other cards. 


Comparing Jamal Crawford and Russell Westbrook

Jamal Crawford is in the high C tier. He is solid defensively and has a decent jump shot, but his 85-driving dunk is a bit of a liability. Russell Westbrook is probably in the top 5 free cards. He is a great rim runner and can go up against Tyler Herro and Dr J. 


Mike Pham, Billy Knight, and Zach Levine

Mike Pham is the new best free card in the game and is a top 5 card. He has amazing animations, great stats and badges, and a perfect jump shot. Billy Knight is also an S-tier card and is probably in the top 3 shooting guards in the game. He has an amazing jump shot and is an elite card. Zach Levine is in the B tier. He has a solid jump shot and is a great power forward. He could use more speed and better defense to rank higher. 


The game's tier list of free cards consists of Nate Thurman, Oh Jenna Nobi, Paul Pierce, Anthony Davis, Tim Duncan, Bad and Dick Matheran, Galaxyable Ray Allen, and Russell Westbrook. Candy is considered better than Nate Thurman offensively and defensively, while Russell Westbrook and Galaxyable Ray Allen are the top five free cards in the S-tier. The debate is whether Russell Westbrook or Galaxyable Ray Allen should be in the top spot. Let us know what you would change about this tier list in the comments.



Overall, NBA 2K23 has some great free cards, from S tier to D tier. Each card has advantages and disadvantages and can be used to suit various play styles.

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