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NBA 2K23 Season 2 The best shooting guard: Kobe Bryant

NBA 2K23 Pink Diamond Kobe is finally online in the second season. The latest Transcendent Packs have three kinds of Kobe Bryant Cards: Pink Diamond, Diamond, and Amethyst. If you are lucky enough to get the Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant Card, you are close to the rule. The distance of the game is even closer. If you see someone for sale, be prepared for a lot of 2K MT, it's not cheap. In this article, let's look at the best shooting guard of the NBA 2K23 season 2.




Kobe Bryant Quick Analysis

Then we will find that Kobe is not only not overestimated but somewhat underestimated. In the eyes of the media and fans, Kobe is often summed up from other people's mouths and data in tables, but they have never faced Kobe's sense of oppression on the court. And Kobe's opponents, teammates, and coaches can get to know this man through the game.

Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant

The most comparable Kobe in the NBA is superstar Michael Jordan. He is currently recognized as the closest person to Jordan, the basketball god. Kobe plays the shooting guard position and can act as a small forward. He is the top swingman in the NBA. In his career, scoring shots were easy, and he once created a miracle of 81 points in a single game, second only to the former NBA superstar Chamberlain who broke 100 points in a single game. At the same time, his skills are very comprehensive, with career averages of 25.5 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.8 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. On December 15, 2014, Kobe surpassed his idol Jordan and became the third-highest-scoring player in the history of the NBA.


Kobe was almost unstoppable in his prime. There are only a few solutions for backward jumpers, breakthrough dunks, low singles, and mid-air flashes. His super scoring ability is


Diamond Kobe Bryant


Compared with Jordan, it is similar. At the same time, like Jordan, he has the spirit of never admitting defeat, constantly improving himself in the face of challenges and setbacks, leading the team to win with a kind of kingly temperament, and finally reaching the pinnacle of his basketball career.


As proud as Jordan, when faced with a reporter's question of who is stronger between him and Kobe, he would also answer, "Only Kobe can beat me." And when he was asked who was the best team in history in his mind, Jordan gave the answer: Magician, Pippen, Worthy, Big Dream, and Kobe. It's like choosing me. Pippen, who has been outspoken since retiring, also said: "Give James Gasol, he can't win the Celtics. If you give Kobe a Wade and Bosh, he can complete four consecutive championships."


Amethyst Kobe Bryant


As the third shooting guard in NBA history, Wade gave Kobe a much higher evaluation than himself: "When you look back at this era, you can pick out many outstanding players, like me, or others. You will think that we are All great. It's a great era for basketball, but Kobe, the greatest player of our era, led these players."


Kobe Bryant Pros & Cons:

He is excellent, whether it is offense, defense, breakthrough, or long-range shooting. Technically speaking, he has no weaknesses. However, his playing style is relatively unique, he likes to show off, and his desire for self-expression is too strong. This often limits the performance of other teammates and often appears alone. It's not that he doesn't pass the ball. He doesn't pass the ball. He doesn't pass the ball with that kind of initiative. He usually passes the ball only when he is completely restricted. Therefore, his statistics in each game are high, but the team is getting farther and farther away from victory.

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