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NBA 2K23 Season 2 Reward Card Diamond Corey Maggette Review

NBA 2K23 released its newest reward card - Diamond Corey Maggette. Corey Maggette was one of the best players in the NBA in his prime. He's a scoring machine and can score in clusters. Unfortunately, injuries derailed his career, and he never reached his full potential. In NBA 2K23, Corey Maggette appeared as a Diamond card for the first time. You only need to challenge the mission to get this card, so you don't need to pay any MT Coins as a price. In this issue, let's analyze how the Diamond Corey Maggette evaluation appeared in MyTeam.


NBA 2K23 Season 2 Reward Card Diamond Corey Maggette Review




Basic Information of Corey Maggette

Maggette's career is mediocre. He has not been selected to the All-Star, has not been selected to the best team, and has not even been selected as the player of the week. Still, from a certain point of view, Maggette is an excellent scorer, his skills are very comprehensive, and he has the strength to score high points, but he has a weakness, that is, he is unwilling to share the ball. His career average assists are only 2.1 times per game, and he is not an excellent passer. He has yet to prove himself in leading the team.

In his 14-year career, he has only played in the playoffs once. On the whole, Maggette can get good data in a weak team, but in a strong team, It's hard to be a good leader, but as a team's second offensive core, or third offensive core, for Maggette, it is still fully competent.




Corey Maggette Technical Analysis

  • Pros: Able to shoot suddenly, excellent off-ball speed, OK offensive badge, comfortable shooting bag, has reverse dunks.
  • Cons: The shooting rate in the cold zone outside the three-point line is average, the second position of the model street is too small, the first position is easy to lose the ball, and the defensive attributes are passable.



Diamond Corey Maggette Badges

Diamond Core Maggette Badge: 1 Bronze Badge, 7 Silver Badges, 30 Gold Badges, 4 Hall of Fame Badges.


Hall of Fame Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Bully
  • Shooting Badges: Corner Specialist
  • Defensive Badges: Brick Wall + Off-Ball Pest


Gold Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Acrobat + Fast Twitch + Fearless Finisher + Limitless Takeoff + Masher + Posterizer + Pro Touch + Slithery
  • Shooting Badges: Catch And Shoot + Claymore + Clutch Shooter + Green Machine + Guard Up + Limitless Range + Middy Magician + Space Creator + Volume Shooter
  • Playmaking Badges: Bail Out + Clamp Breaker + Killer Combos + Quick First Step + Unpluckable
  • Defensive Badges: Ankle Braces + Challenger + Chase Down Artist + Clamps + Menace + Pick Dodger + Pogo Stick + Work Horse


Silver Badges:

  • Shooting Badges: Slippery Off Ball
  • Playmaking Badges: Break Starter + Handles For Days + Hyperdrive + Needle Threader
  • Defensive Badges: Interceptor + Post Lockdown


Bron Badges:

  • Playmaking Badges: Ankle Breaker



Diamond Corey Maggette Data and Analysis

NBA 2K23 Diamond Corey Maggette Data Chart


In terms of shooting, it is still very good and stable. Shot close, Shot Mid, and Shot 3pt. All got 88 points. The data in Athleticism is also very impressive, 90 speed, 90 acceleration, and 95 Stamina. Inside Scoring is also very impressive data. 89 Driving Layup and 90 Driving Dunk can be very guaranteed. The defense is also very good. Generally speaking, the data performance of this Diamond Card is very good, and it is worth your experience.



Diamond Corey Maggette Overall Evaluation

NBA 2K23 Diamond Corey Maggette is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality basketball at an affordable price. It is worth the money and will let you enjoy the high-quality experience brought to you in the game. Therefore, if you can get this player card in MyTeam as Small Forward or Shooting Guard, he will bring you more surprises.

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