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NBA 2K23 Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant: Reviews & Analysis

Although world basketball legend Kobe Bryant has passed away, he still lives in the hearts of every NBA 2K23 player. Players can honor Kobe with his pink diamond card in MyTEAM mode in the game. So if you're looking for help adding Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant to your team, read on! This guide will examine Kobe Bryant's strengths and weaknesses, analyze this player card, and discuss how to get the most out of him on the team.


NBA 2K23 Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant: Reviews & Analysis



It should be noted that Kobe Pink diamonds can only be obtained through MyTEAM events and purchased from the auction house without paying any MT 2K23 Coins. This means that you need to complete specific objectives in these activities to earn this card. The good news is that you can usually have multiple events happening at any given time, so you should always have a chance to work toward your goals.




Basic Information about Kobe Bryant

Kobe is one of the most influential basketball superstars in the world! Five championships are an achievement that many NBA players want but are challenging to achieve. His influence is not only on the players on the court but in life. His Mamba spirit has encouraged many young people with poor talents. There is a saying, "Your idol may not be Kobe, but your idol's idol must be Kobe". No. 8 Peter Pan, flying into the sky and escaping from the ground. The Mamba, on the 24th, overcomes all obstacles. Slaying the dragon with 81 points and ending his career with 60 points, the scenes he brought us still shock us! How many people's memories were taken away by a Mamba OUT? Although he has passed away from us, he is truly immortal.


The most comparable Kobe in the NBA is superstar Michael Jordan. He is currently recognized as the closest person to Jordan, the basketball god. Kobe plays the shooting guard position and can act as a small forward. He is the top swingman in the NBA. In his career, scoring shots were easy, and he once created a miracle of 81 points in a single game, second only to the former NBA superstar Chamberlain who broke 100 points in a single game. At the same time, his skills are very comprehensive, with career averages of 25.5 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.8 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. And on December 15, 2014, Kobe surpassed his idol Jordan to become the third-highest-scoring player in the history of the NBA.


Kobe Bryant is a former NBA superstar. He helped the Los Angeles Lakers win five NBA championships and represented the U.S. men's basketball team in the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics. In terms of personal honor, he has won the most valuable player of the regular season once and the most valuable player of the finals twice. He is an excellent star who will be selected into the NBA Hall of Fame.



Kobe Bryant Tech Features

Kobe belongs to the kind that almost entirely realizes his talent. There are few things you can criticize technically. According to Phil Jackson, Kobe's technical comprehensiveness is still higher than Jordan's. Still, imperfections, such as Unreasonable offensive choices, emotional performance, and disturbances off the court, are all issues of character and tactical quality in the final analysis. In addition, Kobe is sometimes questioned, mainly because his shooting percentage is not high enough, the high-level statistics among superstars are not good enough, his performance in key games is not good enough, and he often indulges in singles and hurts the team. These places have both correctness and impression flow.



Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant Badges

Badges Recommendation: 7 Hall of Fame Badges, 37 Gold Badges, 5 Silver Badges, and 1 Bronze Badges:


Hall of Fame Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Posterizer
  • Shooting Badges: Clutch Shooter + Deadeye + Limitless Range + Middy Magician
  • Defensive Badges: Clamps + Menace


Gold Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Acrobat + Bully + Fast Twitch + Fearless Finisher + Limitless Takeoff + Post Spin Technician + Slithery
  • Shooting Badges: gent 3 + Amped + Blinders + Catch And Shoot + Claymore + Comeback Kid + Corner Specialist + Green Machine + Guard Up + Slippery Off Ball + Space Creator + Volume Shooter
  • Playmaking Badges: Ankle Breaker + Bail Out + Break Starter + Clamp Breaker + Handles For Days + Hyperdrive + Killer Combos + Needle Threader + Quick First Step
  • Defensive Badges: Ankle Braces + Challenger + Chase Down Artist + Glove + Interceptor + Off Ball Pest + Pick Dodger + Pogo Stick + Work Horse


Silver Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Pro Touch
  • Playmaking Badges: Mismatch Expert + Unpluckable + Vice Grip + Post Lockdown


Bronze Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Pro Touch



Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant Stats & Analysis


NBA 2K23 Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant Data Stats


Let's look at Shooting first. Except for Shot IQ 40 which is low, others like Shot Close, Shot Mid, and Shot 3pt are all greater than 90, so you don't have to worry about completing the Shooting attribute.


In terms of the Athleticism attribute, all the data shows it can also get an excellent performance.


As for the Inside and Outside attributes, Driving Layup 94 and Driving Dunk 95 all highlight the excellent performance of Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant.


The defense also shows that whether you use Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant as Shoot Guard or Small Forward, you don't have to worry about defensive flaws.



Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant Combined Comments

Overall, I think Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant is the best shooting guard in NBA 2K23 right now. If you are lucky enough to add this player card to your MyTeam play

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