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NBA 2K23 Pick and Rolls: You need to master it for high scores

The pick and roll are one of the most effective offensive plays in basketball, and it can be used to great success in NBA 2K23. It can create high-scoring chances, control the game's flow, and help you avoid common mistakes when running the pick and roll. So how to master the pick-and-roll in NBA 2K23 to get high scores, let's explore together with the following!


NBA 2K23 Pick and Rolls: You need to master it for high scores


Pick and Roll Basic Controls

The basic controls for calling a pick and roll are fairly straightforward; if you hold L1/LB, the game will choose between the player closest to you between your power forward and centre. This is usually the trail man that sets the screen, as the inbounder is usually a big man. However, you can also manually decide who you want to run the pick and roll with by tapping L1/LB and then holding the corresponding player button above their head. On PS4/Xbox One, it's a different setup; after hitting L1/LB, you have to hit R1/RB for positional play, which brings up everybody's icons and allows you to hold the corresponding player's icon.


Using the Slip Screen to Create Offensive Opportunities

It's important to note that you can tell the screener to slip the screen, which will have them immediately bolt to the hoop if the lane is clear. This is best used with players with speed to take advantage of the hedging defender playing high. You can also change the type of screen and the side it's set on by holding L1/LB and R1/RB.


Make the right decisions when defenders are out of position

Once the on-ball defender is out of position, making the right decision is important. You should check if you're open for a shot or drive, and an alley-oop opportunity opens up when the roller has a clear lane. If the roller isn't open, you can threaten mid-range shots to get the defender to jump out and open up the 2k23 alley-oop.


The Unseen Defensive Threat

It's also important to note that the weak side corner defender can cause the most problems. Help from the strong side is usually easy to spot, but the weak side corner can force the longest pass, and they need to be in the direct line of view of the ball handler.


Tips for Executing the Pick and Roll More Effectively

Finally, a few tips help you execute the pick and roll more effectively. A quick pick and roll can be helpful when you're struggling to score and are up against the clock, and running a pick and roll from the corner makes it harder for the defense to help. You can also select plays that automatically have a pick-and-roll run for you, use plays that leave one side of the court empty to limit the on-ball defender's reaction time to the screen.



By understanding the basics of the pick and roll and utilizing these tips, you can make the pick and roll an effective and successful play in NBA 2K23.

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