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NBA 2K23: Notes and practical experience for new players!

For new players who have just entered NBA 2K23, since the actual operation of 2k23 is relatively cumbersome, I will summarize the various skills I have explored here. Here is a summary of the four aspects of Builds, Actual Combat, About endorsements, fans, VC, and Conventional experience in NBA 2K23 to discuss! All are welcome to discuss.


NBA 2K23: Notes and practical experience for new players!




NBA 2K23: 【Building】

In NBA 2K23 addition to the four common characteristics, height and weight are easily overlooked in the construction of players. For example, while considering the maximum cut and dunk, the inside line must consider strength, speed, agility, and bounce. The center recommends strength + agility, and Forwards suggest skill + bouncing. The body can be burly, muscular, strong, and lean. If you consider mid-range shooting, the wingspan should not be too long.  [NBA 2K23 Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center Builds]

To maximize the finish and defense, the wingspan can be fully stretched. In addition, when building a defender, it is not advisable for beginners to fully speed up (85 in terms of hand feel is complete) because the defender's agility is inherently high, and it will feel smooth in addition to fast breaks. Still, it is easy to lose control in the case of 5v5.




NBA 2K23:【Actual Combat】

First, count the names of the handle buttons: left trigger button LT, index finger LB, right trigger button RT, index finger RB, left joystick LR, button L, right joystick RR, button R, and the four action buttons are Y, A, X, B, left-hand arrow keys up, down, left, right, start key START.


1. There is an inhuman point in the game. If you press ESC to call out the menu in the game, you cannot use the handle to select it, but the START menu can be chosen with the watch.


2. Pick-and-roll, the default LB, can be exhaled. At this time, a teammate with an LB icon on his head will come over in a cover position. It should be noted that it is best to wait for the teammate to be in a situation that can effectively block the defender before executing the follow-up tactics. Otherwise, it is easy to make mistakes. In addition, when a teammate immediately reaches out and cuts back and the defender does not return to defense, he can choose to pass X or vacate YY. At this time, it should be noted that the LR must be in the correct direction.


3. Cut in because I mainly play two inside lines, C and PF, so I have a little experience with ravaging the paint area: when your relevant score is 70+, and you have the appropriate badge, you can try to attack the basket. The actual feeling of personal use is as follows:

  • [Fearless Terminator] 5 stars significantly increase the success rate of forced layups.
  • [Infinite Takeoff] 5 stars, the magic skill of cutting buttons. If you don't add it, you will jump in the middle of the three-second zone. After adding it, the free throw line can be activated.
  • [Master of rushing the basket and protecting the ball] 4 stars have a lower relative priority than the first two, but they are still useful
  • [Quick start from the basket] 4 stars, the same as above, you can quickly make fake moves to cheat fouls or play time difference
  • [Dunk Master] Need to cooperate with the slam dunk action pack, three stars

Since the back-to-back technique has not been mastered, I will not comment on the end of the back-to-back for the time being. In short, you can take off in the paint area with the above few, especially when your model is 2m-2m10 in height and agile. Bounces are all after 70+.



4. Defense, RT is acceleration, everyone knows this, but because the direction is too flexible, I believe many people have accidentally lost their position. Here is a little trick, press LT. It is a lateral movement within a certain range from the attacker. When both of you are moving, the RT+LT colleague press and hold allows your players to quickly withstand the offensive personnel and enter an effective defensive distance. It should be noted that if the opponent retreats and changes direction at this time, you have to release LT immediately, find a suitable space, and press RT+LT. In the case of insufficient agility in the early stage, you must remove the LT. It is straightforward to use by repeatedly automatically locking the position without losing it.


5. Chasing the cap. The [Cap-chasing Master] badge in defense is a magical skill. I used to use the gold badge to jump from the free throw line to give the center a big cap to the center directly below the basket. When you equip this badge, you can deliberately give up a position when the frontal defense is not well mastered in the early stage. When the attacker bends his feet to charge up and prepares to take off (according to different situations, it can be earlier or slightly later, but earlier Take off is easy to foul), hold down RT+Y. If triggered, you will see that the character will fly a long distance beyond the speed of your modeling agility and bounce, significantly above the gold badge. [The Best Badges Guide in NBA 2K23]


6. Regarding the issue of starting the bench, first of all, if the chemical reaction is 75%+, then the data is higher than the starting position in the original position, and the positive or negative value must be positive (the record is better). If you are starting, you can hit a double-double from the first game, the media options are correct, and if you have a complete record, you can be a starter in about 8-10 games. Then when you enter the MVP candidate + All-Star Afterwards, it will be used as the core of team building. At this time, you can choose to customize the sound effects of the home court, the playing time of all players, matchups, tactics, and so on.


7. Air connection, the success rate is related to a chemical reaction, timing, and skills. This needs to be explored by oneself so that I won't go into details. Whether it is a call for an air catch or a pass, it's all LR+twice YY. After calling the air catch, you need to press X to dunk before catching the ball—after catching the ball (I usually press X madly after receiving it, so I don't know Which is the standard answer...)

  • ① If the chasing cap is an offensive and defensive fast break or a layup, press Y when the opponent takes the first step to close the ball.
  • After LB takes the cover, you can press RB to choose whether the screener will run down or in reverse, and the icon of RB appears on the head.


8. Regarding defensive badges, my principle has always been that nothing is better than nothing. Therefore, the key skills should not be upgraded to yellow or purple first, and the helpful copper should be pointed out first, which is better than nothing.

  • [Defensive Deterrence] Priority 5, a must for brushing.
  • [Chasing Hat Master] Priority 5, a defensive weapon.
  • [Card Position] There are two skills. Personal understanding is that one is easier to block the opponent, and the other is that when your position is not good, there is a chance to go around and grab the position. I feel that the latter is more practical because no matter whether you are promoted to the card position or not, the top insider will not be able to get stuck until your score exceeds 90.
  • [Pick-and-roll dodgers] Outside defense priority is 5.
  • [Bounce Master] Priority 5, especially if there is no block to fight for rebounds, is a must.
  • [Boarding Master] Priority 5, rush to grab the backboard farther away.
  • Other defensive skills are icing on the cake.


9. [Tips] that are easy to ignore:

  • ① When dribbling the ball, be careful not to touch anyone on the side that protects the ball. In addition, pay attention to your physical strength. If you have no physical power, you will lose the ball.
  • ② Press and hold A to push the joystick, and you will see the red circle under the player's feet during a long pass, which is convenient for locking and switching targets.
  • ③ For frontal defense, press LT and push the R joystick simultaneously. It will raise your hand.
  • ④ Hold the ball LR still, shake the right joystick to make three threats, and cooperate with the first step master to have a miraculous effect.
  • ⑤ If the badges of projection and organization are not enough, especially the inside line when the comprehensive evaluation in the early stage is relatively low, you must remember to choose [running without the ball] [inserting the needle] [straining Master], the central idea is to run the open position and cut to the basket, If the defender's position is too good, immediately choose to pass the ball in the air, these are good skills for brushing assists.



NBA 2K23: 【Endorsements, Fans, VC】

1. If you feel bored playing every game in the regular season and don't want to skip it altogether, you can play games with a "television broadcast icon," that is, there is a small TV icon on the schedule so that if you play well The increase of fans will be about 20% more than that of the general regular season. In addition, the number of fans added in each game is related to the length of a single quarter. The longer the game is, the more fans will increase. The game is about 8 minutes after the self-test. You can add 32,000 to each game and 16,000 for a 5-minute game. There will be fluctuations, depending on your data and beautiful moments in the game, such as dunks, blocks, double-doubles, triple-doubles, etc.


2. At the beginning, there was a KIA sponsorship, no rewards, and only about 3400 yuan for the event fee. This sponsor does not seem to give you higher events in the first season as your fans increase like other sponsors. For the cost, the test I am currently doing is that every time he comes to ask for cooperation, he will open his mouth to see when he will increase the price. Friends who know can also share their experiences. The advantage is that you don't have to worry about rejecting him and never returning. The pro test will come to you repeatedly after the number of fans reaches a specific number, but the first season has not improved so I will try the second modeling for a few seasons.



3. The slam dunk contest is relatively simple, so if there is this option in the sponsorship reward, it is better to offer compensation, 1000vc, 2vc for a slam dunk, 3vc for 3 points, 300 to 500 in a season, slam dunk contest or three The sub-contest is equivalent to a one-time reward, which is not bad, and you don't need to consider how much you need to brush each game. It is recommended to choose it, provided that you can participate with certainty. [9 Ways to get VC in NBA 2K23!]


4. Brush teammates' evaluation. It can be done to -An a or A grade. Whether it is inside or outside, assists are very fast. Usually, in the case of 5 minutes/quarter, three assists + 10 points, there are no mistakes or too many defensive leaks. In addition, conventional bonuses such as pick-and-roll and pass transfer are no longer added when the evaluation is above B.



NBA 2K23: 【Conventional Experience】

1. Regarding running and empty cuts, whether inside or outside, when there are defensive players who have been pressing against you, it won't be easy without calling tactics. I will share two tips here. First, when your teammate is holding the ball at the top of the arc or on a 45-degree flank, center on the opposing player who is holding your teammate + defending your teammate, run around, and let them help you block your heels The defender who is defended, that is, circles around and runs to the basket, in this case, it is easy to run out of the empty cut. After that, whether to call for a pass or an open reception depends on the situation. Second, if you become the team's core and run around the 3-second zone without the ball, occasionally, a teammate will help you block the guards behind you. Even if you don't stop, you will usually be blocked by other AI's normal The movement slows down, and two extra laps will usually leave a gap.


2. Tactical call, when the team can create tactics for you, there will be an option of "Edit Tactics" in the mc menu (if not, it means that you are not the boss of the team). Clear the tactics, and then select the corresponding personnel to add. For example, if you are an insider, you can choose the inside cut-in tactics for all and the outside singles or three-point tactics on the outside. The same applies to teammates. For example, if you are in the Warriors, you can set all of Curry's tactics to three-pointers so that when you are holding the ball or Curry is having the ball, you can call the corresponding tactics through the arrow keys.



3. When defending, you can turn on the "teammate communication" in the settings so that when the team is supporting, the ai's head will have prompts such as "switching," "I'm here to defend," "I'm empty," etc. Or defense.


4. If you have several models and play in the park, it is recommended to use a unified shooting bag. If you have the habit of looking at the shooting bar for shooting, it is recommended to turn off the shooting bar and practice because there is a delay on the park line and the picture does not feel delayed. The feedback on the shooting is also delayed. For example, the shooting bar is displayed if you press enough time. If you pay attention to the shooting bar at this time, 100% will shoot too late. In addition, when the shooting bar is turned off, the system has a bonus, and the probability of scoring a goal will increase (this is heard)

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