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NBA 2K23 MyTEAM: Moments Pink Diamond Austin Reaves Gameplay Guide

Should you spend your tokens on the AR-15 in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM? In this guide, we'll be taking a closer look at the new Pink Diamond card, Austin Reaves. We'll provide you with gameplay tips and a breakdown of his stats and tendencies, so you can decide whether he's worth adding to your team.



NBA 2K23 MyTEAM: Moments Pink Diamond Austin Reaves Gameplay Guide


Austin Reaves' Impressive Stats

Firstly, let's take a look at Austin Reaves' stats. He has a rating of 95, with a 94 three-point shot and 90 ball handling. His defensibility is 70, but he has an 89 overall for perimeter and interior defense. He also has a speed rating of 92, with 92 lateral quickness, making him a strong pick for a shooting guard position.


A Master of the Court

As for his badges, he has 11 gold badges, including limitless, take-off, post-spin technician, catch and shoot, and range extender. He also has Hall of Fame badges for a range extender, clamps, and quick first step. Additionally, he has the anchor badge, which boosts his physical stats, making him even more effective on the court.


A Downside of the Card

One drawback to the card is that it doesn't come with the Unpluckable badge, a major concern for some players. Unpluckable is a key badge that helps prevent turnovers when dribbling, so it can be a disadvantage not to have it.


The Creative Animations of Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves' animations are also worth considering. He has MJ dribble style, and Kyrie's moving behind the back. He also has the Austin Reaves base on very quickly, which can be tough to time for some players. However, he has the Kobe size-up escape, a popular animation among NBA 2K players.


Unlocking Austin Reaves' Shooting Potential

Austin Reaves' release is quick in shooting, and he has a green window that can be hit consistently with some practice. His normal leaner is also a solid move that many players will appreciate. However, his Trey Fade is less reliable, so players may want to rely on it less heavily.


A Decent Shooting Guard Pick, But Is It Worth the Tokens?

Overall, Austin Reaves is a decent pick for players looking for a shooting guard with solid shooting and ball-handling abilities. However, the lack of the Unpluckable badge and the abundance of budget shooting guards may make it difficult for some players to justify spending NBA 2K23 tokens on this card.



Whether you should spend your tokens on Austin Reaves depends on your playstyle and team needs. If you need a solid shooting guard and are willing to practice to master his animations and release, he could be a good addition to your team. However, saving your tokens for a different card may be better if you already have a strong shooting guard and don't want to invest in a player without the Unpluckable badge.

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