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NBA 2K23: Everything you need to know and tips about MyCareer!

  • Jian
  • 09/17/22
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Although the NBA 2K series of games change yearly, MyCareer mode and MyTeam mode are still players' favorite game modes. Earlier, we analyzed everything players should know about the MyTeam mode. Today we look at everything and tips players should know about everything and tips on the most popular MyCareer mode in NBA 2K23!


NBA 2K23: Everything you need to know and tips about MyCareer!


In NBA 2K23, MyCareer mode has a new change and experience. Many players want to build their NBA superstar from the beginning. While the idea at the beginning is good, the ending is often unsatisfactory. Regardless, MyCarer is a massive mode in NBA 2K23 that can get slightly overwhelming. 



While the same moves can be remembered in regular games, the algorithm in MyCareer games doesn't seem to change, no matter which team or player is running on offense. Offensive tactics in regular 2K games can vary, but in MyCareer, you'll notice the repetition of all offensive tactics when you're on the defensive end. 




How to build your 2K23 MyPlayers?


Since Giannis Antetokounmpo is arguably the best individual player in the NBA right now, designing your MyPlayer build to follow his pattern is a great way to get those points.

Height matters, and so does your body type. If you're a guard, you'll have fewer opportunities to build an offensive mix than if you were a big man. Even if your goal is to create Stephen Curry, it won't be easy without buy 2K MT ad VC. While doing so is a reliable way to develop, the point of playing MyCareer is to allow your players to grow organically. We're focused on beating the system with all possible defaults!

You can see and reference how to build the best player in NBA 2K23!



How to start your Career in NBA 2K23?


While the same moves can be remembered in regular games, the algorithm in MyCareer mode matches doesn't appear to have changed, no matter which team or player is running on NBA2K23 offense. An offensive play in regular NBA 2K games may vary, but in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode, you'll notice the repetition of all offense play when you're on the 2K23 defensive end.



Which location and MyPlayer build are the best?


How you like to play will be the most significant factor in which MyPlayer build works best for you, and players shouldn't be afraid to try a few different options. When you want to use a test build in MyPlayer Creation or use this build to experience a few games, you can make an unlimited number.

On top of that, when you upgrade your player, there is a massive 2K23 VC investment that you won't be able to get back if you change your mind and decide to run a different build.



How to beat the system in MyCareer in NBA 2K23?


You need key points to make sure you get the best out of your newly drafted NBA player. Here are some tips

Keep Your Distance D Getting too invested in defense will cost you your superstar status because there's a good chance your man will overtake you, and you're not fast enough to catch him. The current 2K version is also very friendly to low post distance, and the space you create helps keep the offensive player away from his baseline.
Pick and Roll The pick-and-roll game is the safest way for an offense to score or make an accessible assist. Give your ball handler a good screen, roll to the rim, and call for those two easy passes. You've built a finisher, so expect you'll be able to score quickly in the paint.
Mismatch The mismatch is key because you're creating a big man. These happen whenever you set a selection or toggle to happen. Once you've established a mismatch, it's time to jump on defense to block or punish your significantly smaller defender in the post when you get the ball. You'll do most of your shots when the point guard or shooting guard is defending.
Auxiliary Games This won't have much effect on badge scores but will significantly impact Superstar rank since the goal is to fill in the stats. The assists fill up the big man's class considerably. Try to time the spin of the ball in such a way that the ball is passed to the shooter before the shot time expires. The receiver is shooting most of the time.
Know Which Badge To Prioritize A surefire way to score is to have at least one Bronze Dreadnought Terminator badge as an offensive badge. When finishing in practice, you'll see a massive difference between not having a badge and having a bronze badge. As for the defensive badge, get the rebound first. This is for self-explanatory reasons.



What are the tips for MyCareer in NBA 2K23?


Get to know the team Players in the NBA often fail by not cooperating with their teams. Players may make the same mistakes in the game by not knowing the abilities of their teammates. By understanding which players are best off screens, who can shoot 3-pointers, and who can defend inside, MyPlayer can get more assists and defensive stats. Even modest players who aren't interested in stuffing stats will find they win more games.
Test the build first This is the first and more important suggestion. Make players, test them, and fine-tune them with no limits. Highly recommend trying everything. Try every location and every build. Once you find a build that works like the best dunk, tweak it a bit. 
Participate in every exercise Many players will practice a little bit, thinking that this is an unnecessary operation. These allegations are true, but MyCareer offers two significant reasons why skipping them isn't a smart move.
Exercise every week A year or two ago, training went from something between games to something that only had to be done once a week outside of games. These exercise rewards provide moderate to significant increases in specific physical attributes for gamers. Those who didn't exercise bonuses were always going to be a little slower and for less time than those who exercised. Throughout the game, that required several rebounds and fast-break points.
Hybrid Defense Players should make the build that appeals to them the most. Strong defenses are recommended on any build. Additionally, Hall of Fame-level badges can still be enabled even if the defense is separated from another area of ​​the game.
Play to your player's strengths Not everyone is gifted, even professionals, and that's fine! Can't dribble? Be a big man or spot-up shooter. Can't you take timed shots? Be a dunker. Can't you brush the ball? Make an interceptor. Don't bother trying to be your best at everything when the position only requires being good at a specific skill.
Choose the right team This is where players are most prone to errors, which is an easy fix. Don't pick your favorite NBA team, and hope for the best. Players need to choose the team that best suits the player position and type of player they create, or they will never get meaningful playing time.
Fine-tune settings Most players can quickly discover and adjust some settings on the main screen, but MyCareer has locations that don't align with the main menu settings. Some categories, such as volume and camera angle, can be changed during gameplay. However, game duration, difficulty, fatigue, injuries, etc., must be switched according to the player's preferences.
Custom animation Besides looking great, custom animations fundamentally make players better. The default dunk pack is fine for general dunks, but what if there are defenders and the dunk needs to be reversed or delayed? Equip packs that give players faster, better angles. The same concept applies to dribbling and shooting. The best custom jumpers are worth more than any badge or stat. Players who are used to the default mode don't necessarily need to get rid of them but can consider upgrading with additional packs depending on the situation.
Test each build Never trust someone else's best build until you try it. The "best building" for yourself is not necessarily the best for everyone. What looks great on paper doesn't always work out. Not everything can be tested. Players still need to design the perfect custom jumper themselves. But these tests provide valuable feedback on the build and give players an insight into how they fared in the final stages. 
Program badge New to the game this year, players won't get all the badges they've "unlocked." They earn a certain number of badge points, and the badges unlocked present a choice. This will result in fewer badges, making choices even more important. Players can earn many of the best defensive/rebounding badges, but not all. Pick a handful and adjust the stats accordingly until players have enough time to get all the badges they want. Do this on all four sections, and the build will take shape.
Practice until you unlock each badge point Use the practice facility between games and practice with the team. Even without formal training, there are tons of exercises to choose from that can quickly ramp up to picking badges. Players should consider practice mandatory until the last badge point is unlocked. It will take a while, possibly several full NBA seasons, but once it happens, players will feel safe knowing their players are as good as they can be.
Quit before a bad game One loss went into the draft. If a player wants to be considered one of the top picks, they will need to win several college games. Being picked is essential because it provides more VC per game. But as a new player, winning can be challenging at this level. Technology helps, but even the best point guard can play poorly.
Don't spend VC until the primary campaign is complete Virtual Currency (VC) will not be refunded between characters. Once the money is invested, it is gone. So imagine a scenario where players spend their hard-earned money to be the best point guard in the world, then get drafted by the Golden State Warriors, who have Stephen Curry and only use MyPlayer as a backup.
Win and improve teammates' grades There are only two priorities in the college section of MyCareer: winning and teammate results. The victory part is essential to the story because it gives players more opportunities to play the big game. Scouts see "big games" as high scores from teammates, not filled stat boxes.
Go to the union Players who win college titles will likely fall into "solid first-round picks." This is as high as possible, so if the only concern is max VC, skip combining. There's a little caveat to this, though. Check the list of interested teams. The Commonwealth can serve as a last-ditch effort to influence a team that doesn't need a draft player.
Highest OVR to get the starting job As a backup, it's possible to average 50 points, 20 rebounds, 15 assists, 8 blocks, and 9 steals all season and still be a backup. This exact scenario happened in the first playthrough of the game. Even the league's announcement of MVP as MyPlayer put him on the bench. It's all about overall ratings, not about talent. Those who want to start will need their OVR higher than the starters on their team, or there will be a lot of downtimes.
Check the task log Quests are new to the game this year and provide a reliable source of VC, experience, and rewards. They need to do something extraordinary, like visit people in different parts of the ship or hit specific stat markers during a game or season. Some missions will even provide precise directions on where and what to do for those extra goodies. Because goals can be obscure, check the quest log frequently for updates.
Play seasonal goals Also, this year, several "seasons" will pass over time outside the game, each with unique gear and cosmetics. Players interested in limited-time items will want to know how to unlock these rewards as soon as possible to achieve that goal sooner rather than later.
Don't simulate games Simulating a game and only playing the most important moments can be tempting. This will prove to be a terrible move in the long run. Starting with an OVR zone of 70 or 80, which is average, the game will simulate average results, even if gamers naturally play well above their stat cap. In addition to losing stats that count towards rewards, this also doesn't reward currency or stat increases. There's no reason to simulate a game until you hit 99 OVR other than giving up on upgrades. Why anyone would do this is hard to imagine playing games.
Fight for five doubles per game Filling the stat sheet isn't just about pride. It's how awards are awarded, All-Star nominations, and recognition. Of course, hitting 30+ points will help the team. But so are the other Big Four figures. In addition to scoring, blocks, steal, rebounds, and passes to open teammates for assists. Characters wear the player's face, so why not make them as notorious as possible?
Understand the requirements for shooting, dunking, and playing Before spending any NBA 2K23 currency, you can first understand the need for dunks or other animations and then make another player that guarantees the required height and attributes.
Use the build guide and make changes Understandably, using build guides is disappointing. Players want to create their athletes, not someone else's. Still, even if it's not followed, it's a great idea to check out the guide and see why players are leaning toward it. Many say the best power forwards are the post playmakers. There's nothing to lose when plugging in a number and seeing why it's popular. View badge counts and attributes as they change height, weight, and wingspan. Then go ahead and make personal changes keeping this personal direction in mind.
Submit tasks for free virtual currency After completing the player and being equipped with the best shots, talk to the characters in the city before going into a single match. They offer a few quests and rewards, most of which can be eliminated by playing usually. 
Get perks Go to the Takeover tab and look at the empty perk space. These perks provide benefits for taking over meters, but they must be unlocked first. Most of the time, this means completing a quest. It's as good for builds as anything else, and too many players don't even know it exists because it's something new this year. Some perks allow takeovers to last the entire game, keeping opponents fighting an uphill battle.

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