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NBA 2K23 Badges: The Definitive Guide

Badges are essential to NBA 2K23 gameplay - they significantly boost your offense, defense, or playmaking and can dramatically change certain in-game situations. Here we showcase all the badge-related content in NBA 2K23!



NBA 2K23 Badges: The Definitive Guide


Each attribute category has a unique badge slot that can be filled with badges that do not count towards badge points. Any badge has a challenge requirement that allows the badge to be placed in the core badge slot.




NBA 2K23: New Badge Tier System Guide

In NBA 2K23, there are 16 badges for each category, with 8 Tier 1 badge to choose from, 4 Tier 2 badges, and 4 Tier 3 badges. To unlock Tier 3 badges, you'll need to invest at least 10 Badge Points in Tier 1 or Tier 2 specific categories before you can view Tier 3. Tier 3 badges cost so much that even the Bronze tier of any badge in that section costs five badge points, so if you want the best badges, even the lower tier badges make You specialize in a certain category.



There are 16 badges per attribute category: Tier 1 is the least powerful and ineffective, while Tier 3 is an elite badge but costs more.

Tier 1 8 Badges
Tier 2 4 Badges
Tier 3 4 Badges


Badges cost the same for each tier.

Unlike last year in 2K22, badges don't get cheaper the more stats you add, and now we've made this quick and easy chart to show you how much each badge costs at different tiers. These badge costs remain the same for each tier, not for each specific badge. For example, a tier 3 Hall of Fame badge will always cost eight, no matter how much you invest in those attributes. If you remember last year, you know that if you increase certain attributes, the cost of those badge points goes down. This year, that's not the case.


Tier1 No Attribute Threshold Equip Bronze Badge

We don't know how well tier 1 badges work. Another interesting thing this year, we don't know how well it works yet, but there is no stat threshold for equipping bronze badges in your tier 1 category. We believe you'll need to use each attribute to complement these badges to make a difference.

We're looking forward to testing it, and it will be the best and most valuable bronze badge we're sure to get in the end.


Better targeting of HOF badges for Tier 1/2

Another great tip to consider is that for categories where you probably won't be adding too many attributes to it, it might be a good idea to target tier 1 or 2 badges that you can bring to the Hall of Fame. Of course, try and aim for a badge that fits your play style, but making it a core badge will allow you to earn a Hall of Fame badge for free. You can earn free badges for each category in NBA 2K23.


Some badges may be at different tiers depending on your build settings.

The last thing about the new badge system is that depending on how you build, some badges can be at different tiers, so depending on how you build, some tier 3 badges can also drop down to tier 2 depending on your build. We're still trying to Find out the logic behind everything. But playing with the builder, you can use it to your advantage, as you can change your build to turn tier 3 badges into tier 2 badges, which cost fewer badge points.

While we're on the topic of saving badge points, this brings us to the next big thing you need to know about the NBA 2K23 builder badge system.


Choose a core badge for your build.

NBA 2K23 will be adding a brand new core badge feature. This core badge system essentially gives you one free badge per category. Ideally, you want to core one of your most expensive badges, as these are your valuable badge points. Save money to spend elsewhere. Now, you can earn the core of any badge in any tier level, as long as you unlock the badge with the correct stat threshold and enough badge points in that category. It doesn't always have to be a Tier 3 badge, even though they are usually the most expensive. For example, a Hall of Fame Tier 2 badge is still more expensive than a Bronze Tier 3 badge, so be aware of these to help optimize your badge points. However, there is a problem with the core badge.


Each property is associated with other properties

The last major difference you need to be aware of from NBA 2K22 to 2K23 builders is that we noticed that each attribute is linked to many other attributes. As you build, you will find it difficult to build demigods this year, as the most important stats are sometimes linked to as many as eight or more other stats. For example, when you increase your possession stats, the first stat, and ball speed, and only increase these two of your possession stats and ball speed, it will cost you your total. Overall, that's not true. Your ball handling is also about layups, speed, passing accuracy, acceleration, close-range shots, perimeter defense verticals, and stamina.

If you're worried about dribbling and stamina as a guard, you'll probably need a No. 99 handle to unlock a handle for days in the Hall of Fame. It might also be important to note that if you want a 99 on the ball, you'll automatically be an 85 overall without touching any other attributes.

Similar to the 2K22 builder, the properties are not separate. They are closely related and are affected by height, weight wingspan. If you're 6'10" or less this year, the wingspan doesn't affect your ball control, but if you're 6'11" or more this year, the wingspan does affect your ball control, so it's coming to unwanted players Saying it's a good thing to make taller ball handlers - you can still get good ball control even with the wingspan at max.



NBA 2K23: What are badges, and what are their functions?

The badge in NBA 2k23 is a small icon next to your player name. This is a way of showing your skill level to other players. You can have up to 5 different badges, each with a different effect on your players. NB 2K23 Badges are divided into four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame badges are the hardest to earn and the most time-intensive.

Badges can be worn on your players' jerseys and are visible to other players when you play online. Wearing the badge will also slightly boost the player's stats.


There are five different badges in NBA 2K. Each badge has a different effect on the game. The five badges are shooting, playmaking, rebounding, defense and leadership.

  • Shooting badges can improve the player's shooting ability.
  • Organization badges can improve a player's passing ability.
  • Rebounding badges can improve a player's rebounding ability.
  • Defensive badges improve a player's defensive abilities.
  • Leadership badges enhance the player's leadership abilities.

Players can equip two badges at the same time. The badge they choose will depend on their play style and what they think is best for them. Badges are organized by finishing, shooting, play, and defense/rebounding categories. You can unlock badges by accumulating badge points in each skill through the in-game performance associated with that skill.



NBA 2K23: How do badges work?

There are different levels of NBA 2K23 badges. Level 1 is the weakest. Level 3 is the strongest. Sixteen badges for any one attribute category, 8 for Tier 1 and 4 for Tier 2 and 3. This will be the deciding factor in your badges for NBA 2K23.

Each attribute category now has a core badge that you can populate with badges that don't count towards your total badge points. Each badge has a requirement you can fulfill, allowing you to place it in the core badge slot.



NBA 2K23: How to unlock and get badges?

It's no secret that unlocking badges for your players is a chore. In addition, how to quickly get badges in 2K23 is the most concerning issue for many players. This game allows you to spend hundreds of hours pushing your players to the fullest.

Some of these badges are locked until you reach a certain player level. So when can you unlock badges in NBA 2K23?

Players can unlock badges by completing specific tasks in the game, such as earning a certain number of points or assists or winning a certain number of matches. Players start with 0 badges in each category. As players earn more badges in a particular category, the requirements to unlock new badges for that category will become more complex.

Badges can give you an edge over your opponents and options for better players. The more challenging the mission, the harder it is to unlock the badge. So, if you want a better game experience, focus on unlocking as many badges as possible.

You also don't have the option to spend money on NBA 2K23 VCs to help you unlock these badges. But you can unlock badges by purchasing badges with Badge Points. You can earn badge points by performing specific actions and skills. 



Tips for building badges:

NBA 2K23 Building Badges Tips
Tip 1 The new badge system has been completely overhauled, and it will be difficult to earn all badges, so make sure you hit the threshold of badges you often use for your playstyle and build, including badge tiers 1, 2, and 3. Don't just target Tier 3 badges.
Tip 2 When you choose your dunk attributes, you'll want to meet those specific attribute thresholds if you're looking for touch dunks or quick shots. This is similar to last year, with some small changes, so double-check and ensure you meet those requirements. This also ties into the point above that last year's skill dunk, or meter dunk, actually feels more consistent with the all-new meter, so if you love dunking, this year might be more fun.
Tip 3  Anyway, badges in NBA 2K23 cost the same amount of points in each tier, keep in mind that the cheapest 3-tier badges are, of course, bronze and still cost five badge points, so that these 3-tier badges will cost you.
Tip 4 One of the most interesting changes to MyPlayer is the core badge feature, which allows you to equip one badge per category for free. Still, it requires a specific quest or challenge to unlock that badge.
Tip 5

It feels like 2k makes weight and strength important this year, and we recommend adjusting based on the player's weight instead of always maxing out the minimum speed because when you add weight to the player, it seems like the pros outweigh the pros and cons. Strength this year is Also important, at least for getting the brand new bully badge, which is the only stat to unlock this badge. You will need at least 95 strength to get the hall of fame bully, so badges can be crazy things to watch out for. Honestly, this may be the year of the role player, and you're going to see more team basketball, and those attributes are weighted, especially with the added adrenaline.



NBA 2K23 All Badges List


NBA 2K23: New Shooting Badges
Agent 3 Ability to hit difficult 3 PT shots off the dribble.
Middy Magician Improved ability to knock down mid-range jumpers off the bounce or out of the post like MJ.
Amped Reduces the shooting attribute penalties when tired and when moving excessively before shooting.
Comeback Kid Improved ability to shoot perimeter jumpers when trailing in a game.
Hand Down Man Down Makes an outside shooter even deadlier if the opponent fails to get a hand in the face.
Space Creator Formerly a Playmaking badge, it now boosts the ability to hit stepback jumpers and hop shots and also will cause defenders to stumble more often.
Limitless Range An old favorite returns, making shooters more effective with any shot attempt from deep 3PT range.
Claymore Increases a spot-up shooter's ability to knock down catch and shoot jumpers the longer they remain stationary before shooting.


NBA 2K23 New Finishing Badges
Slithery Makes it easier to gather through traffic. Avoiding collisions and strips (Rework?).
Masher Increases ability to finish inside layups over defenders.
Aerial Wizard Ability to complete alley-oops and putbacks.
Bully Like Giannis and LeBron, able to finish strong by bulldozing through traffic.


NBA 2K23 New Playmaking Badges
Killer Combos Improves a dribbler's effectiveness with size-up dribble moves (basically a combination of last year's Quick Chain and Tight Handles badges).
Clamp Breaker Helps ball handlers win more 1-0n-1 body bump confrontations (the counter to Clamps).
Vice Grip Improves ball security immediately after securing a rebound, catch, or picking up the ball. A great badge for bigs!
Mismatch Expert Formerly a shooting badge, this badge now helps smaller guards break down taller defenders when mismatched 1-0n-1.


NBA 2K23 New Defense / Rebounding Badges
Anchor  A crucial badge for the last line of defense bigs, improves the ability to block and contest shots in the paint
Work Horse The Pat Bev badge that boosts your ability to hustle down 50/50 balls and play hard-nosed defense without getting tired
Glove Helps rebounders win boxout battles on both offensive and defensive rebounding shots and poke the ball free from ball handlers.
Boxout Beast Helps rebounders win boxout battles on both offensive and defensive rebounding situations.
Challenger Improves the effectiveness of perimeter shot contests.


NBA 2K23 Removed Badges
Hot Zone Hunter
Lucky #7
Mismatch Expert (moved to playmaking)
Set Shooter
Limitless Spot-Up
Hook Specialist
Bullet Passer
Glue Hands
Stop Go
Defensive Leader





Badges in NBA 2K23 are a great way to improve your player's abilities, so make sure you're working on unlocking them! To maximize your players' abilities in NBA 2K23, a lot of badge polishing is required. However, with enough dedication and time, you can unlock all the badges and become the ultimate player on the field.

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