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NBA 2K23: 9 ways to earning VC fast

VC is a form of in-game currency in NBA 2K23. This currency can upgrade MyPlayer properties and purchase cosmetics like animations and costumes. You can purchase animations, animations packs, and other cosmetic items, costumes, and even card packs in MyTeam from the Animations Store. So, how to earn NBA 2K23 VC without spending money? Here are the easiest 9 ways to earn NBA 2K23 VC fast.



Before we dive into it, it's important to understand the real value of VC. While VC is an important factor in the entire NBA 2K23 game, it's hard to know how to earn VC without spending money. For players unfamiliar with NBA 2K games, virtual currency (VC) is an important part of NBA 2K games, including NBA 2K23. From the game experience point of view, VC is a mandatory tool factor that determines whether players can succeed in NBA 2K23 MyCareer and MyTeam modes.


In MyCareer, the VC is required to raise the player's stats to a decent overall rating, 80 or above. Without VC, you will find it difficult to earn badges or fully compete in MyCareer.


NBA 2K23: 9 ways to earning VC fast


And in MyTeam, VCs are just as important as successful users. The currency is needed to buy bags or bid for decent players, both of which help build a competitive team. VC is the primary form of in-game currency in the NBA 2K23 Sports basketball simulation game, but not all strategies are effective or simple. So, here are five of the easiest ways to earn VC fast in the game. If done consistently and efficiently, you can quickly build VCs in-game. 




Way 1. Claim your daily rewards

You can randomly get rewards from city statues in your league in NBA 2K23, which include experience boosts or clothing discounts, but sometimes you also have a chance of getting VC completely free. 



Way 2. Complete the task

Get rewards for completing as many as you can every day. NBA 2K23 has dozens of missions with time limits. Rewards are listed on the mission screen, so you can see how long each one will take. If you win this week's contest, you'll be rewarded with 1,000,000 VC, meaning a millionaire will be crowned in the City every week. If you need help with your music trivia, then you can find all your music trivia answers in MyCareer via the link.



Way 3. Play basketball

Whether competing for a championship in NBA 2K23 MyNBA mode, advancing your MyCareer or just picking up a game in City, you cannot earn a virtual currency nor virtual points in MyTeam, only NBA 2K23 MT Points.



Way 4. Play Daily Pick 'Em during

This is another easy way you can use to grow your 2K VC wallet. Daily Pick 'Em is a mini-game you can find in City and Neighborhood, where you can predict the winner of this season's real NBA games. You can earn VC based on the results you get right or increase your income by doubling down and successfully forecasting an entire game week. 



Way 5. Watch NBA 2KTV

NBA 2KTV offers interactive content you can watch from the main menu screen or MyCareer. This content is non-linear, which allows you to vote and answer questions for virtual currency rewards.



Way 6. Community activity

NBA 2K engages the community with events throughout the NBA season, many of which offer opportunities to earn additional VC. Community events cover multiple topics, and in these events, a target number of dunks or assists is set for the community. If the goal is reached, each contributing participant will be rewarded with VC, and the highest contributor will receive additional VC. The timing of events happening in the community each week is something to keep an eye on. Being online during that time gives you the weekly bonus opportunity to maximize your VC earning potential.



Way 7. Answer the question

Daily trivia is another activity that can make you a 2K millionaire overnight. Every day at a set time (depending on your time zone), there will be a 2K daily trivia event that you can access from your phone in the MyCareer community. Your goal is simple: answer a question correctly and move on to the next round. This article has answers if you have questions about VC or virtual currency. You will receive a prize pool. The topics of the questions vary. Some are about basketball. Some are related to science or history. Succeeding in the 2K Daily Trivia mini-game is one of the few ways in NBA 2K22 that you can get a lot of VC without spending hours on the court.



Way 8. Endorsement deal

As you progress in MyCareer, you'll start building your brand across various categories, including team-oriented, flashy, or corporate. By completing different missions and developing your talent type, you'll unlock lucrative endorsements you can sign with various organizations to gain VCs. Balancing your brand is challenging because many decisions have positive and negative consequences. But make sure you're building a side business in music and fashion, and you're also good on the court. 



Way 9. Ante Up

You can take risks for massive payoffs in your career if you play the right hand in MyCareer Neighbourhood. This dedicated course allows players to wager their VC to earn more. Here you bet on yourself and your team to win a pickup race against everyone else on the field.

While this method is not recommended for beginners or casual players, receiving VC rewards can be a lucrative opportunity with the right skills and lineup. In the Ante Up Arena, different courses offer different odds, with 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 courses for different types of players. If you want to see how you're doing against the competition, you can try some games with the lowest VC buy-in and see if it's a viable option to earn VC.




The above ten ways can solve how players acquire VC in NBA 2K23. You can get different amounts of NBA 2K23 VC in different ways, which effectively solves the player's VC needs in MyCareer and MyTeam modes.

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