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Is the Galaxy Opal Paul George Card worth buying in NAB 2K23 Season 2?

NBA 2K23 finally released the first Galaxy Opal Card and gave the card to Paul George. Overall, this card is still a very good choice for small forwards and can rank among the top 5 among current players. Although you can see this card for sale on the auction house, and the price of 2K23 MT is reasonable, if you want to get the Galaxy Opal Paul George directly, you still need to pay $50. Therefore, in this article, let's consider whether it is worth buying this card in NBA 2K23 Season 2!


Is the Galaxy Opal Paul George Card worth buying in NAB 2K23 Season 2?


Paul George's advantage lies in the natural space-based play habits brought about by his 3D background. His ability to catch and shoot around screens is among the best in the league. It is a high-quality space point. One point of the team's main offensive pressure is commendable. 


After a while on the defensive end, the awareness of stealing and assisting defense is superb, and it can defend from 1 to 4. The Thunder can rank first in the league in defense this season without Robertson. George is one of the chief heroes.


NBA 2K23 Galaxy Opal Paul George Data


Even though Paul George is an indispensable general for the Clippers, he still has big shortcomings! Even though there are many "offensive kaleidoscopes" in the NBA, no player is perfect, and Paul George is no exception. The player's skills are roughly divided into two categories: back body and face frame and there are many subdivided skills under these two categories, so let me take a look at Paul George's Pros and Cons.




Pros: Excellent athletic talent, strong defensive ability, 3D star potential

In terms of athletic ability alone, there is no doubt that George is one of the top players in the NBA. George, who is 2.06 meters tall, suffered a 90-degree ankle fracture in the US men's basketball team training game, which led to a truce for a season, but after returning from injury, The current George is still very good. He is still very optimistic in terms of moving speed and dunking. 


In addition to his excellent athletic ability when he was a fledgling, George also had good defensive awareness. In addition to his defensive ability, George also has good outside shooting ability in the later period. Off-the-ball running is what George is best at on the offensive end.



Cons: Weak ball control ability, not very stable performance

The advantages are obvious, but the disadvantages are also difficult to ignore. George, who is excellent in offense and defense, still has serious flaws in ball handling ability, so the scout report believes that he is only suitable for training as a good 3D star. It isn't easy to become the team's one-on-one singles. Even though the current offensive ability with the ball has improved, there still needs to be a big gap between the real star with an outstanding offensive ball. In addition, George's performance could be more stable, so he is often questioned.



Is it worth buying?

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