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How to think Galaxy Opal Trae Young in NBA 2K23 Season 3?

The latest edition of NBA 2K23 Season 3 is live, and as usual, there are many different player cards to collect. Previously we reviewed Pual George's Galaxy Opal. Released as part of Season 3, the Galaxy Opal Trae Young is one of the most talked about cards in the game. If you're thinking of adding him to your collection, you might wonder if he's worth the investment. We will take a deeper look at the Galaxy Opal Trae Young and review his pros and cons. We'll also analyze his value based on MyTEAM MT and points and give our overall verdict on whether he's worth picking up.


How to think Galaxy Opal Trae Young in NBA 2K23 Season 3?





NBA 2K23 Galaxy Opal Trae Young Information

Trae Young is 1.85 meters tall, with a wingspan of 1.91 meters, a standing height of 2.43 meters, and a weight of 82 kilograms. He serves as a point guard. Trae YoungThe Dallas Mavericks selected Trey Young as the No. 5 pick in 2018. Trey Young has a smart and energetic style of play. He is good at independent offense and connecting teams. He is a very good new-generation guard player.


Trae Young is extremely confident. The louder the audience's ridicule, the better his performance, and he will irony those audiences from time to time. Trae Young's small body contains huge energy and aura. Being an enemy of the whole world is the only thing that excites him. Trae Young's style of play is somewhat similar to Harden's in the Rockets era. He likes to step back, is good at breakthroughs, is good at throwing empty catches, and draws fouls. As a defender, he is very good at assists.


Physical talent is not outstanding, and he is also one of the few players who can still gain a foothold in the NBA despite his physical talent. Trae Young has excellent Shooting and organizational skills, but his defensive ability is poor. He has been criticized. The pick-and-roll with the ball is the main weapon. He can handle the ball and can also complete one-on-one dribbles. He is an extremely good shooter with the ball, but there are few opportunities to shoot around screens. He has a good performance in intercepting passing routes. But only sometimes very confrontational and aggressive, so he needs to improve himself on the defensive end.



Pros & Cons


Trae Young's advantages and disadvantages are obvious because his three-point ability allows him to adapt to the NBA.


Pros: Three-point shooting, passing vision, transition

He possesses ultra-long-range shooting ability, and like Curry, it is his shooting range when he comes to the half-court. Not only can he catch and shoot, but he also dribbles to create space to shoot. Shooting is precise yet quick and easy.

Solid dribbling skills and a small throw! He has great passing ability and excellent vision and is good at catching Offense and defense transitions. And because of his relatively small size, he is also good at using screens to score. Because his three-pointers are threatening, he, like Curry, can attract defenders to break through or pass assists.


Cons: Short stature, poor defense, lack of strength

Trae Young is only 1.87 meters tall. He is a small guard and does not have a strong body, so he suffers a lot on the defensive end. So in the NBA, he will become the team's defensive loophole. According to his college performance, his dynamic data should be manageable, lacking explosive power and speed, so he cannot limit the opponent's defender.

The disadvantage of the offensive end is that the shot selection is not very good, or he is too confident, taking a big step outside the three-point line and shooting directly when there is plenty of offensive time. Passing is sometimes too risky, and turnovers are high.


"Young is an electric playmaker with unstoppable scoring," and that he's "absolutely one of the best players in NBA 2K23," said one critic. Another review called him a "walking bucket" and a "high-level player who can take over games."






Hall of Fame Badges 12, Gold Badges 25, 6 Silver Badges.


Hall of Fame Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Giant Slayer
  • Shooting Badges: Agent 3 + Amped + Limitless Range + Volume Shooter
  • Playmaking Badges: Ankle Breaker + Clamp Breaker + Handles For Days + Hyperdrive + Killer Combos + Mismatch Expert + Quick First Step


Gold Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Acrobat + Fast Twitch + Fearless Finisher + Pro Touch + Slithery
  • Shooting Badges: Blinders + Catch And Shoot + Claymore + Clutch Shooter + Comeback Kid + Corner Specialist + Deadeye + Guard Up + Middy Magician + Space Creator
  • Playmaking Badges: Bail Out + Break Starter + Dimer + Floor General + Needle Threader + Special Delivery + Unpluckable
  • Defensive Badges: Ankle Braces + Glove + Interceptor


Silver Badges:

  • Shooting Badges: Green Machine + Slippery Off Ball
  • Defensive Badges: Challenger + Clamps + Off Ball Pest + Pick Dodger


Personality Badges: Expressive



Stats & Analysis


NBA 2K23 Galaxy Opal Trae Young Data


As a Point Guard or Shooting Guard, his Offense reached 99, and Defense 89.

  • Shooting Attribute: Shot Close 92, Shot Mid 96, Shot 3pt 97, and Shot IQ 70. In Shooting, he is a very good performer and an important shooting guard for the team.
  • Athleticism Attribute: Speed 95, Acceleration 95, Vertical 86. Although his height and weight are relatively weak in the league, his performance is still good, ging from this Galaxy Opal Card, Inside/Outside Scoring Attribute: Driving Layup 97, Standing Dunk 25, Driving Dunk 30, and Post Moves 60. After all, as a point guard or shooting guard, the inside ability is still relatively low, so there is no need to pay too much attention.
  • Defense Attribute: Interior Defense 73, Perimeter Defense 85, and Help Defense IQ 81, from the overall data, is quite satisfactory.
  • Rebound Attribute: Offensive Rebound 65 and Defensive Rebound 66
  • Playmaking Attribute: Speed With Ball 95, Ball Handle 93, and Pass IQ 95



Combined Comments

All in all, the NBA 2K23 Season 3 Galaxy Opal Trae Young is one of the best cards in the game.  He has super shooting ability, can take over the game with scoring, and is an excellent playmaker. If you're looking for a dynamic playmaker who can score at will, he's worth a shot. Thanks for reading our review and analysis of the NBA 2K23 Season 3 Galaxy Opal Trae Young!

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