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How to get MT fast & easy in NBA 2K23 MyTeam?

Building a strong team in NBA 2K23 is almost impossible without spending money, especially when NBA 2K23 is released and you want to stay more competitive. While many players will invest real money in NBA 2K23 to support their competitiveness, most players will probably find ways to earn MT in the game. So, This article is the best way to get NBA 2K23 MT so that players can get a better foothold in the game.


How to get MT fast & easy in NBA 2K23 MyTeam?


Maybe you can find excellent players in the game, giving you a stronger competitive edge. But at some point, you need to address specific positions in MyTeam to reach your potential better. This is where you need to spend more MT and buy packs, items, and players in the auction house. Whether you're saving up for a card, looking to buy packs, or having a big bank account in NBA 2K23 MyTeam, you will need a method to make MT quickly. 




Complete Challenge

If you are familiar with the NBA 2K series of games, this method is a perfect earning scheme. There are many challenges in NBA 2K23, and you can get a lot of MT rewards by completing different challenges. Like different models, daily events, weekly events, monthly achievements and records, and more importantly, when you will get valuable players that you can sell or exchange for auctionable players.


Challenges are necessary for NBA 2K23 when it comes to geting valuable rewards. Complete any challenge, and you'll get a powered-up player that you can sell for a decent profit. Some of these players are great assets early in the game. Easier to complete some other challenges and get more NBA 2K23 MT.


These challenges require you to play a specific action, player, or team, earn specific points, create more blocks, win more games, and other options. It represents an excellent long-term solution; you should have these achievements from the start.



Auction House Trade

In addition to the way to complete NBA 2K23 Challenges, trading at the auction house is also a very good option. You can invest some time in the auction house, grasp the market situation of the transaction, and get good business opportunities from it. Prices in the auction house frequently change as the game is updated, which means you can earn the difference, which is a fun, safe, and fast way.


You can think of it as a stock market and buy low and high, which means you can buy a good card for less and then sell it for a higher price sometime later. However, it's important to be one of the first players who can pick up some new cards at a lower price.


While NBA 2K23, it's a great way to get MT, be aware that you will be "taxed" 10% on any sale you make in an auction. So factor that into your calculations and ensure you're still making a profit after taxes.




Domination Mode

In NBA 2K23, by playing Domination, you can get tons of gameplay and rewards, including NBA 2K23 MT coins. This is the best way for many players to adapt to NBA 2K23. And more importantly, you can choose the difficulty for each match. You can start with an easy mode with lower rewards, but you will gain experience and skills. You can complete missions, then choose a harder level and start over. Obviously, the higher the difficulty, the bigger the reward. This mode will help you improve your skills over time.


There are different tasks in the game. After completing the tasks, you will get MT coins, cards, and other items as rewards. When you combine it with other methods of acquiring MT, this strategy will give you a greater advantage.



Goals & Limitations

While this is not really about the way to get MT, it allows players to avoid unnecessary waste. While the way to get MT Coins is for players to play NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode, It is common for many new players to spend a lot of MT coins when the game has a clear goal, especially for gift packs!


So the best solution is to save them. When you have a clear idea and mastery of what your team looks like, that's your goal. Financially, buying a pack is an unreasonable decision if you want to use Your coin gets smart, which is not something you should be doing. NBA 2K23 pros already know this, but this will be game-changing information for newbies. Getting a player pack is one of the most cost-effective moves. First, you need to open a pack every day to achieve your daily goals, so it might as well be a cheap pack. Second, these packs will contain players who may not be influential but can always be used for something.


Additionally, you can choose a strategy to determine when you trade and spend coins. According to many players, the best day is Friday, when you can buy cards at lower prices. Also, you will collect additional tokens and use them to enrich your collection. Be sure to avoid spending recklessly on packages you don't need.



Different Modes

Of course, if you want to enjoy the joy this game brings to you, you don't care about the exploration and improvement in the game. Then the best option is to experience the different game modes. Completing objectives and challenges in different modes will bring you more MT Coins. Over time, it will allow you to experience the joy of different modes in the game faster and accumulate a lot of NBA 2K23 MT.


One of the best modes you can include and significantly increase your coin count is Triple Threat Online. It's also one of the fastest games because you'll have a short 3-on-3 basket game. Another great feature is that the system will only contact opponents with similar teams, which means you also have a chance to win more often. Rewards vary from tokens to multiple types of packs, from MT to specific players.




The easiest way to get MT in NBA 2K23 MyTeam is to play the game. The more you play, the more you get while making informed choices. Don't ignore any challenges in the game. NBA 2K23 will bring you a lot of MT Coins in the early stage. Through these, I hope players can improve their game experience in the game.

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