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8 best playbooks recommend in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

A good Playbook can determine whether a player can win the game. Compared with Madden NFL 23, the role of Playbooks in NBA 2K23 is also very important, but it is not an absolute factor, but players cannot ignore it. Therefore, building your own best MyTeam and MyPlayer in NBA 2K23 requires not only the best cards, VC, and NBA 2K MT support but also the right Playbooks to work together. Here, we'll recommend the best playbooks in NBA 2K23 that players can use to win in-game matches.


8 best playbooks recommend in NBA 2K23 MyTeam


Although Playbooks is a sports book in the NBA 2K series of games, it essentially contains various in-game strategies, lessons, skills, and guides that can help you perform better. While Playbooks may not stand out early in the game, they're a must-have option in the late game when you want to dominate or win.



How to get a playbook in NBA 2K23?

If you want to improve your gameplay in NBA 2K23, you need a playbook. A playbook is a guide that tells you exactly how to play each player in the game. Even if you're a seasoned basketball player, using playbooks can help you further improve your game. So how do you get the playbook in NBA 2K23 in the first place?


When you want to get the playbook in NBA 2K23, you can get it through the following steps

  • Step 1. First collect 30 unlocking auction house cards to unlock the auction house, then go to the auction house
  • Step 2. On the Auction House page, find the Franchise option, search for the
  • Step 3. After clicking search, you will see many playbooks. You can buy them through NBA 2K23 MT.


Get the playbook over. Through the above steps, you can get the playbook you want in NBA 2K23. You can familiarize yourself with your playbook through practice to play better in the game.



What are the best playbooks for NBA 2K23?

In the game, players all know that in MyTeam, using the correct playbook is the only way to unleash players' true potential! Through the correct playbook, not only can you stimulate the potential and ability of your players, but it also helps you get more rewards and challenges in the game. Without further ado, the following playbooks are the best in NBA 2K23. In my opinion, you can refer to these playbooks.


Top 8 Best Playbooks in NBA 2K23
Playbook Description
13 Heat Playbook You need a strong shooter on the field and two competent filters to be effective. Most games will easily focus on getting shooters to shoot from the 3-point line. It's still one of the best-scoring scripts out there.
13 Vintage Miami Heat Playbook The book contains 45 games, with special guidance on 3-point shooting, pick-and-roll, and singles. To underscore how bad this playbook is, Eric Spoelstra used it on his team to win their second championship. 
03 Mavericks Playbook This golden playbook offers a variety of offensive options and is one of the more comprehensive playbooks in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. While it's not cheap, it features that work for almost all players in the game. You also don't need to have the most talented players. This playbook is designed to maximize each player's potential.
08 Rockets Playbook Next, we have the '08 Rockets Playbook, one of the game's simpler but most effective playbooks. This set of tactics relies on strong 3-point shooting and effective interior drive. At first glance, it's easy to laugh at, as it only has 17 games in total. However, the sheer amount of drama can sometimes be overwhelming and unnecessary. If you can find a few matches in a given situation, you'll have as much chance of winning them.
Golden State Warriors Playbook If you don't like old-fashioned play, you might want to consider investing in the Golden State Warriors playbook. This belongs to the recent NBA era, and there are quite a few games in it. With a list of 47 games for you to complete, this book also provides important guidance on how to shoot 3-pointers at point guards, so if you're interested in that game, you're in for a treat.
96 Bulls Playbook For those who like to play solo or post up, look at the '96 Bulls playbook. Some focus games here focus on the pick-and-roll offense rather than other scoring opportunities. However, if you have a strong post presence and wing playmaker, the playbook is full of tactics that are nearly impossible to stop, especially if you have some Bulls Hall of Famers from that era.
2022-23 Orlando Magic Playbook We think it's a gem, especially for those big men who dominate the team. While the book is classified as Bronze, it doesn't matter as it provides a beneficial scenario for big players with high screening attributes. The playbook has 35 games for players to complete and execute well. You have to make sure your forwards have a high 3-point percentage.
Warriors Playbook Finally, we have the only playbook in the current NBA, the Golden Warriors playbook. This playbook contains 47 unique and varied games that provide flexibility depending on play style. Although, as you might expect, it's designed to allow your 3-point shooter to open up and knock down 3-pointers in the high post.




Get the NBA 2K23 playbook so you can do better in NBA 2K23. Although the above playbooks in NBA 2K23 are not the most versatile, I believe there will always be one that suits you best. Pick the best playbook, and you can easily replicate your favorite player's performance on the field. Not only will this help improve your player's skills, but it will also teach you some strategies used by pro players.

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