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NBA 2K23 is the latest 2K basketball game from Visual Concepts, the latest season of the NBA 2K series. This series has always been proud of its realistic graphics and gameplay on the court. With continuous improvement every year, from last year's NBA 2K22, focusing on defense, to this year's NBA 2K23 focusing on offense, different game experiences will bring you fresh excitement. Freely choose NBA players as your roles, build the best position players, and create an ideal MyTEAM, Challenging different game modes and missions to dominate the game and win the final victory.


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NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Points (2K23 MT) is the most important currency in MyTEAM Mode. You can use it to buy top-level cards to build a strong all-star lineup, an indispensable and essential item to improve the team's competitiveness. Therefore, having sufficient NBA2K23 MT coins is an essential condition for you to achieve your goals.

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NBA 2K23 Locker Code (Updated Daily)
These Locker Codes are for the current and next generations. Get the latest valid locker codes with the NBA 2K23 Locker Code Tracker below to receive constantly updated free rewards!

How to Use: MyTeam Mode Menu - > Select Home -> MyTeam Community Hub -> Locker Code -> Enter Locker Code -> Claim Reward

Locker Code Reward Expired
HAPPY-THANKSGIVING-MYTEAM Thanksgiving Pack with a non auctionable Amethyst or higher player 11/30/2022
HAPPY-THANKSGIVING-3R9T Thanksgiving Banners 2 Hour Double XP 11/26/2022

News & Guides

NBA 2K23 Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant: Reviews & Analysis

NBA 2K23 Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant: Reviews & Analysis

Although world basketball legend Kobe Bryant has passed away, he still lives in the hearts of every NBA 2K23 player. Players can honor Kobe with his pink diamond card in MyTEAM mode. So if you're looking for help adding Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant to your team, read on! This guide will examine Kobe Bryant's strengths and weaknesses, analyze this player card, and discuss how to get the most out of him on the team.

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Reward Card Diamond Corey Maggette Review

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Reward Card Diamond Corey Maggette Review

NBA 2K23 released its newest reward card - Diamond Corey Maggette. Corey Maggette was one of the best players in the NBA in his prime. In NBA 2K23, Corey Maggette appeared as a Diamond card for the first time. You only need to challenge the mission to get this card, so you don't need to pay any MT Coins as a price. In this issue, let's analyze how the Diamond Corey Maggette evaluation appeared in MyTeam.

Why Pink Diamond Ivica Zubac is terrible in NBA 2K23 season 2?

Why Pink Diamond Ivica Zubac is terrible in NBA 2K23 season 2?

NBA 2K23 released Pink Diamond Ivica Zubac this week. He's a good rebounder and defender. Zubac is also an excellent offensive player. Many wondered what to think of Ivica Zubac, the pink diamond in the game. Some people like him, while others think he is overrated. However, in NBA 2K23, many players have a very low evaluation of this card, and not worth spending 2K23 MT coins for him. So today, we will look closely at the pink diamond Ivica Zubacka and his evaluation.

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